Bor Khann has been funded by the District Administration with the Mineral Trust Fund for the purpose of providing water for farming in their fields to farmers of the special backward tribe Pahari Korwa residing in the remote Anchal village of Jashpur district. Collector Mr. Mahadve Kavre has resided in Jashpur district’s direct mineral affected village where special backward tribe Pahari Korwa and people of Birhor family reside. Those villages have been specially identified and irrigation works have been done in the fields of the farmers and boreholes have been done in the fields to increase acreage. The district administration has sanctioned an amount of 34 lakh 40 thousand rupees in the fields of farmers of 20 selected special backward tribes of hill Korwa in village panchayat Bhitghara of village development block, village Ambatoli, and borehon work has been done.
Farmers of 20 hill Korwas will get the benefit of water facility in 60 acres of field. Among the beneficiaries, boreholes have been done in the fields of farmers Baisakhu, Sumitra, Chamra Sai and Bajrang of village Ambatoli of the Korwa farmer garden development block of the special backward tribe.
Farmers Vaisakhu, Sumitra, Chamar Sai and Bajrang gave Chhattisgarh Thanking the Government, District Administration and Collector Shri Mahadev Kavre, he said that due to the sowing in his field, now it is getting easier for him to do farming and adequate water is also being provided.