The Chhattisgarh Police has started a unique initiative to get rid of drug addicts. It is named ‘New Dawn’. On Tuesday, the DGP started a 15-day special camp at the 3rd Battalion in Amaleshwar.

In this, 30 jawans from all over the state who have been addicted to various types of drugs have been included. They will be counseled in the camp. Also, through yoga, meditation, music therapy, etc., there will be an attempt to get rid of addictions. On this occasion, the DGP also launched the website of New Dawn program for addiction addiction.

Inaugurating the ‘new dawn’, DGP DM Awasthi said that you do not even care about your life for the life of others. Whether it is the Naxalite Front or the protection of the citizens, everywhere they do their duty by putting their lives at stake. If we die on duty in the police force, then it is a sign of the might of our soldiers, but not a single young man should be killed due to addiction.