No one dies of starvation in Bihar, claims CM Nitish Kumar in Assembly

Express News Service
PATNA: Bihar Assembly witnessed a stormy session on Tuesday on the issue of paddy procurement. The Opposition’s demand to extend the deadline of paddy procurement was rejected by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar while discussing the Governor’s address made in the house.

Rejecting the extension demand made by the Opposition, Nitish Kumar said “the state government has procured more than 35 lakh metric tons of paddy as compared to only 72,000 metric tons in 2004-2005.”

“No one starves in Bihar as there is an increase in agricultural production. The agriculture road-map has increased the productivity in the state giving major impetus to production of crops, vegetables and fruits,” the Bihar CM claimed. He also added that nearly five lakh farmers sold their paddy crops to the state government. 

He said “demand for extension of procurement deadline is not justified and will not be possible.”

Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav created a din along with legislators of opposition demanding sacking of the state agriculture minister alleging “dismal performance” in the paddy procurement.

The Chief Minister went down heavily on the opposition for these allegations.

“The state has got larger budgetary allocation from Rs 23,885 crore in 2004-5 to more than Rs 2.18 lakh crore in 2021-22. Now, the paddy production has increased to 108 lakhs metric tons compared to the 52 lakhs metric tons in 2005-6”, Kumar claimed.

Taking a sharp jibe in the state assembly against Tejashwi Yadav, Nitish Kumar said that when Kumar was the minister in Centre, Tejashwi played in his laps. “Jab main waha tha tab ap godi me the. Ham godi me nahi uthayein hain?…(When I was there in Centre, you were a child. Haven’t you played in my lap),”

“Some people have the habit of finding faults even in the good work done in the state”, Kumar further attacked Tejashwi.

The Chief Minister also claimed that the paddy procurement was started when he came into power in Bihar. 

“It did not happen in the earlier government of a party of which some people are creating hue and cry over it”, CM taunted, adding that the paddy procurement in 2004-5 was just 72,000 metric tons but now more than 35 lakh metric tons.

He also silenced the opposition leaders, who walked out, quoting figures that the state has increased production of paddy to 108 metric tons, fruits to 44 lakhs metric tons and vegetables to 167 lakh metric tons.

Kumar said that per capita income of people in Bihar has increased from Rs 7,735 per capital in 2005-2006 to Rs 50,735 per capital in 2020-21.

Tejashwi Yadav, other legislators of parties in the opposition, including the AIMIM walked out from the House when the CM Kumar continued talking.

The CM also out rightly rejected the demand of AIMIM legislators for making Purnia as the second capital of state for proper development of Seemanchal areas.

“Demand for making Purnia as second state capital is unwarranted and unnecessary. It does not make any sense. We are committed to develop all areas equally and have done this in the last 15 years”, Kumar said.

Making a scathing attack on Congress party’s demand to re-open liquor shops in the state, Nitish Kumar, showing the paper of Congress Party membership slip to the House, said “what type of leaders are the! The leaders swore to abstain from alcohol but now demand the re-opening of liquor shops.”

Kumar said that Bihar is progressing with developmental activities in all spheres.