Under the aegis of Department of Sports and Youth Welfare, the award was distributed among the winning sportspersons on the closing occasion of the state-level Chhattisgarhi Sports Madi organized by Patan Olympic Association in Patan. Among the winners, the prize distribution was done by the General Secretary of Chhattisgarh Olympic Association, Mr. Gurcharan Singh Hora and Vice President Mr. GS Bombra. Shri Gurcharan Singh Hora said that the cooperation of all the local departments, especially the sports officers of the government college, has been found in making these games successful. On this occasion, Dr. Atul Shukla, President of Raipur District Olympic Association, along with Sports Officer, Block Education Officer, Chag Tennis Association were present. Patan Khel Mandi was organized on 20 and 21 February.

Competition was held in Chhattisgarhi Khelo in Sankhali, Tuwe Langarchi, Gedi, Bhanura, Gilli Danda, Sur Pittool, Pudhav Pook, and Phugdi. Kho Kho competition was organized as a demonstration game in which Bhilai Corporation’s team was the winner and Rajnandgaon runner-up. Individual Sports Fugdi-Girl winner Dikeshwari, Patan, runner-up Dhanishtha, Raipur and third Reena Nishad, Bemetra, Pudhav Puk -Vijeta Parmeshwar Barre, Rajnandgaon, runner-up Akash Tiger, Patan, 3rd Bharat Sahu, Gariaband, Naugodia Bhaunra winner Karan Sahu, Rajnandgaon , Runner-up Gopal Nishad Patan, third Lalit Rajak, Bilaspur, Gilli Danda, winner in the men’s category Raipur, runner-up Gariaband, Sur Pittool winner Raipur, runner-up Durg, Gerry ball winner Balodabazar, runner-up Dhamtari, Tuve Langarchi winner Patan, runner-up Balika The winner was Durg and runner-up Dhamtari.