A special sanitizer ‘Madhukam’ prepared from about half-a-dozen herbs like mahua, entha, coriander, cumin and so on has spread the fragrance of hope in the Jashpur litigants. Vanvasi women familiar with the qualities of Mahua have done this commercial innovation with their traditional knowledge, which was highly successful. This product of the group of women preparing ‘Madhukam’ has been highly appreciated by the market. In eight months, the group has earned more than Rs 8 lakh by selling sanitizer.
In the times of Corona crisis, the creation of ‘Madhukam’ from Mahua flower according to the need and demand has brought a significant change in the life of women of Seenagi group. This women’s self-help group is working in the Van Dhan Vikas Kendra Panchakki in Jashpur district. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel himself has appreciated this after observing the activities of the group.
The Forest Department, under the guidance of Forest and Climate Change Minister Mohammad Akbar, is continuously working to provide maximum benefits to forest dwellers in the state, from collection of forest produce to processing etc. Under the Van Dhan Vikas Kendra, women of the Seenagi group are also proficient in the processing of Mahua flower. A sanitizer made from mahua flower by them has been found to be in line with the criteria set for epidemic control. The group has so far produced 7000 liters of ‘Madhukam’. Forest Officer, Jashpur Jadhav Krishna said that the construction of sanitizer was started from May 22 last.
Mahua flower is first cleaned for sanitizer manufacture. The mahua is then soaked in water. The native gud, the bark powder of a wild tree, ‘Dhupi’ is added. After this, drug ‘Ranu’ prepared from Arva rice and many herbs is added. The chemical activity of fermentation is completed for about seven days by adding coriander, cumin, lemongrass, peppermint, wild coriander etc. for aroma. After this, by placing it on the stove in clay and aluminum vessel, sanitizer is made by conventional method. This sanitizer is considered safe for health due to non-use of external chemicals.