When the lockdown was imposed during the outbreak of Corona epidemic in the country, thousands of laborers of the district were provided work through Mahatma Gandhi NREGA providing employment to the village laborers. In which works related to beneficiary oriented and livelihoods have been done under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA. There are mainly pond deepening, dabari construction, panchayat building, anganwadi, water conservation and irrigation drain etc. A total of 52231 laborers are working in 649 works in the district under the guidance of Collector and District Coordinator of Mahatmagandhi NREGA Shri Shiv Anant Tayal and under the leadership of District Panchayat CEO Smt Rita Yadav.
The farmers and laborers of the village are retiring from farming, farming and paddy harvest work and reaching the work of MNREGA. As on 10 February 2021, a total of 52231 laborers are working in 649 works in 328 gram panchayats of 429 gram panchayats of Bemetara, Nawagarh, Saja, Berla, respectively, in the four district panchayats of the district. In which, out of 110 gram panchayats of district panchayat Bemetara, 93 gram panchayat 12774, 83 gram panchayats of Nawagarh, 14539 in panchayat, 13136 in 85 gram panchayat in 106 gram panchayats in Saja and 67 gram in 102 gram panchayats of Berla. There are 11782 laborers working in the panchayat.
In which works are mainly being done for construction of Panchayat building, water conservation, new pond deepening, dabri construction, frog bunting, Narva Bandhan etc. The aim of the district administration is that the local laborers get employment in their village itself and they do not have to wander for work. For this, more and more works are being sanctioned through MNREGA.