The school has been closed since March due to a corona infection. There are signs of school opening for students in February. But it will not take regular classes as before. Schools will open for practical exams and project work. In this way, once again in February, students will be gathered in schools. Under the CG Board, there will be practical and project work examinations in schools from 10 February to 10 March. A large number of students will not be called simultaneously. According to the shift, there will be an examination of practical exam and project work. Social distancing has to be fully followed. Instructions will be issued soon for schools in this regard. Academics say that in view of the corona infection, the government is less likely to get permission for regular classes in schools right now. Therefore, regular classes will not be held as before. But it is sure that some special classes can be organized in schools to remove the doubts related to the subject. The date has been fixed for the practical exam and project work examination from the Education Department. But detailed instructions have not been issued in this regard. Accordingly, students will be called in schools.

This time there will not be external
This time schools will conduct examinations of practical exam and project work of class X-XII as per their convenience. They will also give the number. This time the requirement of external inspector (practical) for practical exam has been removed. Academics say that everything depended on their time due to the necessity of external inspector. According to his time, schools used to organize practicals. But this time schools have been given relief.