Bhupesh Baghel will visit Raigad and Durg district today. CM Baghel will leave the police parade ground of Raipur by helicopter at 11.30 am and reach village Nandeli (Gram Panchayat Mudhiyadih) in Sarangarh tehsil of Raigad district at 12.10 am and will attend the All India Ramnami Mahasabha big bhajan fair.
Bhupesh Baghel will leave Nandeli by helicopter at 2 am and reach village Chetwa (Murmunda) in Durg district at 2.45 pm and will attend the 75th annual Raj session of Chhattisgarh Manwa Kurmi Kshatriya Samaj.
The Chief Minister will return to Raipur at 5 pm.