The old building of Maharashtra Mandal Society, which has been working in the social, cultural and theater fields for 86 years in the capital, is being renovated. More than half the building has been completed. It is likely to be released on Dussehra. The old building was also inaugurated on Dussehra itself. The Trust has requested more and more philanthropists, donors to cooperate in building the building.

Ajay Kale, president of the Maharashtra Board of Social, Cultural, Educational Institutions, said that the construction work of the building was started three years ago. The renovation work is currently in progress. For 40 years, the organization recognizing the purpose of human service, God service, is providing handicapped girls house, women coming from outside, working hostel hostel for girls, Maharashtra Bhavan for social cultural work.

English medium school Sant Dnyaneshwar Vidyalaya is also being run for middle class. Along with this, medical materials like hospital beds, wheel chairs, walkers, air, water beds, crutches are also being made available to the needy for the last 10 years.