Distressed by the hollow ideology of the Naxalites and affected by the rehabilitation policy of the government, on Saturday, an active Naxalite has surrendered to the Bastar Superintendent of Police. Dedicated Naxalites have been involved in various incidents.

SP Deepak Kumar Jha said that Sahadev, a resident of Chikpal village in the district, was included as a member of CNM by Dasmi Kuharami, secretary and in-charge of Chetakalyan Area Committee of Naxalites before 2012. After a few days, Naxalite leaders made Sahadev the chairman of the CNM committee. After this, Sahadev was involved in committing serious offenses like murder, robbery, IED blast, assault, arson, along with additional catechtaline area committee. But Sahadev had been troubled by the nefarious intentions of the Naxalites for the past few years.

After all, Sahadev has surrendered to Bastar Superintendent of Police Deepak Kumar Jha under the Amcho Bastar Amcho Police, being run by the hollow and anti-development ideology of the Naxalites. It was told that the government had declared a reward of 1 lakh rupees on the surrendered Naxalite head. The Bastar Superintendent of Police has provided the surrendered Naxalites ten thousand rupees as incentive. At the same time, surrendered Naxalites have been announced to get other facilities under the rehabilitation policy.