Women are proving that they too can gain by interfering in male dominated occupations. Outlining the innovative initiative of District Administration Dantewada, women of self-help groups tried their hand in the construction of cement poles and they are succeeding. Through the National Rural Azivika Mission, women of 7 women self-help groups of the district are now constructing cement poles and earning substantial profits. It is noteworthy that the construction work of Devguri and Gothan is going on in all the panchayats of the district, cement poles are required for Chahar Diwari in these Devgudis and Gothans. Now, for this fencing work, instead of purchasing cement pole from outside, the women self-help groups of the panchayats are being purchased.

For the construction of cement poles, 7 women self-help groups have been selected from the four development blocks of the district through the National Rural Livelihood Mission. They have been trained with the help of Engineers of Rural Engineering Department. These women self-help groups have been engaged in the construction of cement poles as per the norms set under the supervision of engineers. From these groups 1 pole is purchased for 300 rupees. If there is a need of cement polling in government functions in panchayats, then according to the need, these groups are ordered so that cement poles can be available on time.