Poor road defeats Jammu and Kashmir tourism goals

Express News Service
SRINAGAR: A delegation of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture met different trade, tourism and transport groups on Thursday. The groups complained of the pitiable state of the lifeline of the Valley, Srinagar-Jammu national highway.

They also highlighted the skyrocketing airfares. The standing committee led by chairman and MP (RS) T G Venkatesh arrived here on Wednesday. Representatives of tour, travel and hospitality sector, including KCCI, Hotelier Club, TAAK, TASK, PILTOF, HBOA, CTT, AKTO,  NTTA, HSG and DTOAK, raised issues of connectivity and tourism promotion.

Speaking to Express, KCCI chief Sheikh Ashiq said they conveyed to the delegation that prosperity of the region was dependent on better connectivity.

“We are always cut off from the rest of the country. Even if there is a minor drizzle, the Srinagar-Jammu highway gets disconnected. The pitiable state of the highway defeats the efforts to increase tourism inflow into the Valley. Any disruption affects our access to essential supplies,” he said.