Health Minister TS Singhdev launched the child protection month of the state-wide Infant Protection Month from January 22 to February 26 at Navapara, Urban Primary Health Center, Ambikapur, after giving children vitamin and iron supplements. On this occasion, he said that a 5-bed chemotherapy ward will be started in every district hospital of the state to facilitate treatment of fatal disease like cancer at the district level. Addressing the program, Minister Singhdev said that Shishu Protection month is organized every year so that the foster children can become aware of their vitamin and iron intake and vaccination on time. He said that children are our future, they must be given vitamin supplements on time for their healthy and long life. Attempt to protect your children from a young age. Programs like Infant Protection Month provide an opportunity for a better life. He said that the Health Department is constantly focusing on people’s health by making better efforts. Give vitamin supplements to all children. Children who are missed. Separate campaigns were conducted for them. He said that the present percentage of giving vitamin and iron supplements to children should be increased to 82 per cent. A healthy society will be formed only when our city, state and country are healthy. Mayor Dr. Ajay Tirkey said that the introduction of free chemotherapy for cancer treatment in Ambikapur is a big achievement for Sarguja divisions. He said that due to the opening of a single chemotherapy center in the division, patients have to wait a long time, due to which there is a need to increase the number of beds here. Dr. Tirkey said that all children should be given vitamin and iron supplements in the month of child protection. After going home from here, spinach should also tell these neighbors about these doses. Nawapara UPHC tops in the country- Health Minister Singhdev congratulated Nawapara UPHC on getting first prize in cleanliness and better operation in the country and said that it is a matter of pride for Sarguja and the state. He said that the hard work of the officers and employees here has brought it to this point. Keep trying to maintain its position even further. He said that all UPHC of the state should be tried to operate in this manner. Navapara UPHC will be upgraded – During this time, Health Minister Singhdev said that the Urban Primary Health Center Nawapara is being better operated. In order to provide more facilities to people here, it will be upgraded from Primary Health Center to Community Health Center. Community toilets will also be constructed in this health center. Singhdev informed that 4 new dialysis machines will be installed soon at the District Hospital Ambikapur, which will facilitate the patients to undergo dialysis.