The prices of cotton and handloom garments have suddenly gone up. It is being told that their prices have increased from 15 to 35 percent. Textile traders say that these days the arrival is weak and the goods coming from the mills are getting expensive. The effect of this is seen in the prices. Traders said that prices of cotton clothes had also gone up by 10 percent in December last month, but the price was not increased due to weak market demand.

Traders say that these days the demand for cotton clothes has decreased slightly due to increase in prices. These days, clothing institutes have started to offer offers to attract customers and to increase business. Under this, a discount of 30 percent is being given on the purchase of one cloth and 50 percent on the purchase of two. Some institutions are offering these coupons. Coupons are being offered for a certain amount of purchase. This coupon can be used in the coming three months.