Today is a new day of hope for frontline workers who have been continuously dedicated to public service in the difficult times of the Corona transition, the Corona vaccine has reached the country today through vaccination centers built in many districts of different states. is. Immunization has been started in Chhattisgarh from today, in the midst of all the preparations, adopting appropriate behavior. In connection with this vaccination, Health Minister TS Singhdev met health workers at Mekahara and District Hospital in the capital today.

Today, as soon as the process of nationwide vaccination started, Health Minister TS Singhdev reviewed the arrangements by reaching Mekahara and District Hospital in the capital Raipur. On this occasion, he met the health worker Tulsa Tandi who received the first vaccine and discussed with him and got to know. After this, he got complete information about the vaccination in a phased manner while discussing with the officials present at the vaccination center, after reviewing the arrangements at Health Minister TS Singh Dev Mekahara, he reached the district hospital in Pandri where he met the frontline worker for vaccination. Know about the procedure of vaccination. On this occasion, he said that he discussed with the people who had come for vaccination and after the vaccine, their condition was known.