After lemongrass, black pepper, aloe vera, now the cultivation of jimikand will be started soon in the gothans of the district. For this, seed is being prepared in nursery of horticulture department. Women’s groups will be made self-reliant by linking them to the cultivation of gymnastics.

The cultivation of Jimikand has reduced compared to earlier, but its demand in the market is quite high. In view of this, horticulture has been initiated to connect people with cultivation of gymnastics. The Department of Agriculture University Raipur has made available the seeds of Gajendra species for the cultivation of Zimikand, which is being grown these days by the Horticulture Department in the nurseries of Semra, Garadih and Bendra Nawagaon, so that it can be distributed. Could.

DS Kushwaha, Assistant Director, Horticulture Department, said that Jimikand will be cultivated in 70 Gothans of the district, as many villages have collective bari. There is empty space in the plantations, it can be planted here, because the plants of Jimikand are not eaten by cattle. In such a situation, this cultivation will be safe in Gothan. After the success of Zimikand cultivation in Gothan, this farming will also be started in 3600 nutrition enclosures identified in the district under the important scheme Narva, Garwa, Ghurua and Bari of the state government. Villagers will now be reintegrated with the cultivation of Jimikand and the framework for cultivation on a large scale will be done soon through the prepared department.