The Raipur Police on Thursday released its annual report for the year 2020 claiming achievements amidst the opposition making hue and cry over deteriorating Law and Order situation claiming to be good only on paper. While addressing the mediapersons, the Raipur SSP Ajay Kumar Yadav claimed that due to the promptness and professional work execution of the Raipur Police, the crime rate in the capital has seen a dip. The Raipur police claimed that substantial dip has been registered in cases of culpable homicide, loot, thefts, cheating, arson, sexual harassment, etc. Similarly, there has been dip in cases of murder, rape and crime against women (Cases under Section 354 IPC) and burglary.

According to the figures made available by the Raipur Police for 2019 and 2020, there has been a dip in murder cases by 1.25%; by 50% in cases of culpable homicide; by 14% in cases of rape; by 36% in cases of loot; by 17% in cases of burglary; by 27% in cases of thefts; by 29% in cases of cheating; by 41% in cases of arson; by 16% in cases of crime against women (Section 354 IPC) and by 30% in cases of sexual harassment. The Raipur Police in its list of achievements claimed that almost all accused indulged in murder cases have been apprehended. All dacoity cases have been solved with 74% recovery of goods. In cases of loot in 2020, in 49 cases out of total 55 cases, accused have been arrested and 75% goods recovered. Whereas, in 2019, 64% goods were recovered and accused were arrested in 72 out of 86 cases. In cases of burglary in 2020, accused have been arrested in all major cases and goods recovered.

The recovery was 42% in 2019, in comparison to 55% in 2020. In cases of theft during 2020 all major cases solved, culprits arrested and goods recovered. In 2019, the recovery was 35% while in 2020 it was 52%. In cases of Crime against women, efforts were made towards fast arresting of accused and with an intention of fast justice challans were put up in designated courts within 15 days. In 17 cases of rape, accused were arrested from different parts of the country (cases include 2016 to 2020). Altogether 241 crimes committed through sharp weapons were registered in 2020 in comparison to 310 in 2019. In comparison to year 2019, action has been taken on 100% cases of illicit liquor trade in 2020 and 10,203 litres of illicit liquor were seized in comparison to 5467 liters in 2019. In 2020, a campaign was launched against drug trafficking and good success was achieved.

Apart from solving other petty crimes successfully, the Capital police performed exemplarily in the enforcement of lockdown followed by unlock keeping strict vigil on offenders. It also distributed food among needy and arranged transportation. While fighting with COVID-19 pandemic, more than 352 officers/staff were infected and three police officials died. Among the major crimes which gained much spotlight and were solved by Raipur police, including cracking of industrialist Praveen Somani abduction case with safe recovery of the victim and arrest of main accused. Cracking Pankaj Bothra murder case and four other cases of loot/murder of jewellers; solving the case of Rs 50 lakh loot on gunpoint from timber merchant; solving theft of Rs 28 lakh from liquor shop in Mana; cracking Rs 10 crore fraud case and fake loan gang; solving inter-state truck loot case; fraud worth crores in the name of Mudra loan, etc; solving Rs 10 crore fraud through Max Life Insurance; cracking international network of drug supply; ATM break-in cases; as well as many other major burglary and loot cases.