A free veterinary camp was organized by the Livestock Development Department at Vananchal village Bithidih of Pithora development block. Dr. D.D., Deputy Director of Livestock Development Department present in the camp Under the guidance of Jharia, common animal treatments, drug delivery, anthelmintic drugs, juvenile antipyretics, castration, as well as tagging work in animal ears were carried out in cows, buffaloes and goats.
Dr. DN of Veterinary Department Patel gave detailed information to cattle rearers about animal management and departmental schemes for green fodder production and good milk production. In the camp, testing and treatment of 65 animals, 108 livestock animals were provided with anthelmintic medicine to feed the animal. In which Gopal Chandra Bhoi, Vishnuram Sahu, Bharatlal Yadav, Shankar Ratre contributed specially from the Veterinary Department. Subhash, Budharam, Hariram Gajendra, Ishwar Sinha and other cattle ranchers were present in the camp.