After members of the Electoral College gathered in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to cast their ballots and declared Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential elections on December 14, the US President-elect hailed the nation’s democracy that “proved to be true”. Hailing his victory over incumbent Donald Trump, Biden said that the rule of the law and the US constitution along with the will of the Americans “prevailed” especially when Trump attempted to mount legal battles to undo the results of US Election 2020. 

In a speech on Monday from Delaware, the president-elect not only unleashed one of the most direct criticisms of Trump’s failing efforts but also launched a detailed defence of his historic victory in the presidential elections. Biden even catalogued all the failures of Donald Trump and his campaign, allies in state and federal courts along with state legislatures and several recounts that did not change the outcome of the democratic process, the credibility of which was also questioned by the Republican leader. According to the president-elect, Trump’s efforts to overturn the results were “so extreme we’ve never seen it before.”