The assembly winter session will be held from December 21 to 30. During this period, Collector Shri Jai Prakash Maurya has appointed Deputy Collector Shri DC Banjare as Nodal Officer, whose mobile numbers are 76470-11799 and 93990 for quick resolution of the Assembly questions, attention, zero call information, non-official resolutions etc. Is -85162. He has set up a control room in the revenue room at the collectorate and has put staff duty here during the holidays. The telephone number of the control room is 07722-232592.
According to the information received from the collectorate, on December 12, the duty of Assistant Grade 03 Ms. Kavita Banjare, Mrs. Leali Yadav, Revenue Bhakta Mrs. Devaki and on December 13 Assistant Grade 03 Mr. Vinayak Rao Shinde, Mr. Ghanshyam Sahu and Bhunta Mr. Surendra have been placed. Similarly, on 18 December, the duties of Assistant Grade 03 Mrs. Leena Dhruv, Stenotypist Yamini Chandravanshi, Bhunta Mrs. Ishwari and on December 19 Assistant Grade 03 Mr. Manish Sahu, Mr. Tarun Baya and Mr. Bhupa Mr. Rupesh Kumar Kuldeep have been placed in the control room. Collector on December 20, Assistant Grade 03 Mr. Yashwant Nishad Raj, Mr. Hemant Kumar Soni, Bhunta Mr. Tikeshwar Yadav, Assistant Grade 03 Mr. Parmanand Packra, Mr. Tapan Biswas, Mr. Shri Sawant Kumar Dewan on December 25 and Stenotypist Ms. Sarita Sahu on December 27 , Assistant Grade 03 Kumari Varsha Aavade and the duties of the worshiper Mrs. Durga Netam.