Restaurant-to-home food service Zomato said on Wednesday that it has offered to deliver orders at zero commission to partner restaurants to help bring the industry back on track.

Online food delivery company Jomato said in a blog post that the catering business is now gaining momentum after the initial setback due to the epidemic, but the growth is not uniform. “In our last mid-Kovid-19 report, we wrote about how the catering order business is making a strong comeback after the initial setback due to the epidemic.” Today we are at 110 per cent of the GMV (gross goods value) before Kovid-19. ”

Jomato said that according to the World Health Organization (WHO) the food supply is safe and people should not be afraid of food packaging. The blog post further stated, “We have delivered more than 13 crore orders since the start of the lockdown in March and no cases of Kovid-19 infection have come to light through catering and packing.”

It further said that the signs are encouraging, but this growth is not uniform and the food service industry is still not fully back on track. According to the blog post, help is still needed to bring this area back to the pre-Kovid-19 level and Jomato is making every effort in this direction.