Health Minister Shri T.S. Singhdeo flagged off 20 new ambulances from his residence office today. These ambulances will be sent to different districts to take patients and injured to the hospital in an emergency. Combining these, the Health Department will now be able to transport the needy to emergency medical facilities through 300 new ambulances.

An MoU was signed between the state government and Jai Ambe Emergency Services for the operation of the 108-Sanjeevani Express service of the Health Department for the operation of 300 ambulances across the state. Today, after the introduction of 20 new ambulances, now all 300 ambulances have got the department to take patients and injured to the hospital in emergency. These include ambulances with 29 Advanced Life Support Systems (ALSS) facilities. Advanced life support systems are equipped with ambulance emergency medicines as well as ventilators, de-fabricators and infusion pumps.