It is noteworthy that in order to improve the health of job card holders women and provide support for healthy child birth, an amount equal to one month’s wages is given as ‘maternity leave allowance’ during the maternity period. It aims to reduce maternal mortality and infant mortality. Under the MGNREGA, an amount equal to 30 days is given to women for unskilled laborers. To be eligible for maternity allowance, it is necessary that the name of the applicant woman is mentioned in the job card issued to the family registered under MNREGA. The woman has worked for at least 50 days in the last 12 months under MNREGA. This allowance is also provided in the event of the child not being born alive.
    Maternity leave allowance is generally payable in the third trimester of pregnancy to ensure mother and child nutrition. Applicants for the allowance can submit the application to the concerned gram panchayat. The application will be accompanied by a certificate issued by the nearest Mitanin to confirm the pregnancy. Applications must be submitted before or during the third trimester of pregnancy. Even if the application is not given during this period, maternity allowance is not denied on submission of the application within one month of delivery. This amount is in addition to the amount paid to the concerned family for the work done by them in the year and unemployment allowance.