High level meetings have continued between India and China since the encounter near Pangong Lake. However, several reports have revealed that there are many areas of Ladakh where the Indian and Chinese military are completely face to face and the tense situation still remains. However, the Indian Army is at a very high altitude and it can give them a lot of advantage in the fight.

According to a report by the South China Morning Post, the Indian Army is standing in some area by making posts at the height of about 30 floors, while Chinese soldiers are much lower than this. Indian jawans have occupied the height and the attempt to remove them may be too heavy on China.

It has been said in the report that the army sitting on the height has more chance of rescue. It is difficult to attack the person who is sitting at a height. This is similar for Chinese soldiers, like targeting a person sitting on the 30th floor.

It says that India has carried out a military operation in Siachen Glacier in 1984 at an altitude of 6,700 meters. Siachen is the highest battleground in the world. The current stress is 5,000 meters in Chushul. In such a situation, the Chinese Army’s belief that the Indian Army is not capable of fighting in inaccessible areas may be overshadowed.