The High Court has currently stayed the construction of James and Jewelery proposed by the state government in Mandi courtyard located in Devendra Nagar, Raipur. Given the issue raised in the petition, the court refused to hear it in the virtual court. It has also been said that the proposed construction will be completely banned till the matter is heard in open court.

During the hearing of a petition filed by former MLA Devji Bhai Patel against the construction of Gems and Jewelery Park in Mandi courtyard ground in Raipur Devendra Nagar, the High Court asked the Advocate as to why proper hearing of the case was not possible through video conferencing. This entire process can be held steady for some time, until the court normally operates. The Advocate General then told the court that it would take at least six months to start any kind of construction work. The Advocate General also assured the court that no construction work would take place before six months. Gems and Jewelery Park want to conduct other construction activities, then the High Court has given an interim order that only the construction work should not be started till the normal proceedings of the High Court begin.