fter hours of delay due to an alleged communication gap between authorities, Dr Kafeel Khan was released from Mathura jail in the wee hours of Wednesday. The Allahabad High Court on Tuesday quashed his detention under the National Security Act and ordered his immediate release. The Court said Khan’s speech at the AMU didn’t promote hatred or violence but instead gave a call for national integrity.

The authorities are not releasing Dr Kafeel Khan and are trying to implicate him again under some other charge. If he is not released from jail today, we would file a contempt petition in the High Court on Wednesday. The Mathura jail authorities are saying that they do not follow the order of the court but the orders of the District Magistrate, and they can’t release Dr Kafeel until they receive the orders from the DM of Mathura,” said the doctor’s brother Adeel Khan.

Soon after the order, when Kafeel’s family reached Mathura jail for his release, the authorities refused to release him citing non-receipt of the order, following which the family had said they would file a contempt petition in the Allahabad High Court. In a tweet, his wife Dr Shabista alleged, “Even after high court order they are not releasing drkafeel from mathura jail.”