Presently, kharif crops have been sown. As a Kharif crop, farmers mainly take paddy and soybean crops, as well as vegetable crops. Now in the present, a new problem has started for the farming brothers in the form of insects. Hence, Dr. G., senior scientist and head of the Center for Agricultural Sciences. P. Aayam called farmers to be aware of the problem right from the beginning. He was advised to keep constant vigil of the field. He said that use balanced amount of fertilizer and fertilizer. Do not use urea at one time and bot three equal amounts. Farmers are advised to make top dressing of urea at the rate of 20-25 kg / acre as well as 08-10 kg. Spraying of mure of potash / acre. Insect scientist Dr. (Smt) Ekta Tamarkar has described soyabean, paddy, tomato, brinjal, In relation to insects and pests planted in lady’s crop. He said that in the current paddy crop, the outbreak of the stray borer has started. Hence, Carthaf Hydrochloride 4 granulation drug 10 kg for its prevention. Per acre or chlorentrinilyprol 0.4: granular medicine 4 kg. Per acre or flubendamide 20: WG 50 g Use at the rate of per acre. Use of imidacloprid drug 17.8: SL 50 to 75 ml / acre or acetamiprid 20: SP 250 g / acre for prevention of pests in soybean crop.
    For the prevention of leguminous pest in tomato and brinjal, use indoxacarb 14.5: sc 80 ml / acre or spinoside medicine 45: sc 80 ml / acre. Use imidacloprid medicine for barfatti ladyfinger and chilli mani pest at a rate of 17.8: SL 50 to 75 ml / acre or Ethophenprax 10: EC 280 ml / acre or Thiomethoxam 25: WG 40 g / acre.
Dr. (Mrs.) Pragya Pandey’s advice to the farmer brothers is not to keep the fields constantly filled with water, if you are planting this month in case of delay then keep the distance of the plant short and use 3-4 plants. In the event of an outbreak of green moss, keep the copper sulphate in the bundle where the water comes in. Do not allow the soybean to be waterlogged and keep proper drainage system. Horticulture scientist Dr. Chetna Banjare said that kharif onion should be planted in the field. Prepare capsicum nursery and keep working out the water circus of banana and support the plants immediately by planting flowers.
Fisheries scientist Mr. Toshan Thakur advises that the first dose of dung manure is 2 t / ha before fish seed harvesting in Talabo for fish farming, carp cultivated mixed fish. After using at the rate of 6,000 kg, per thousand hectares of fish species, harvesting various species of carp fish according to the availability of natural food in the pond or the condition of the pond. Rate of water area. Do not harvest fry size fish seed in perennial pond. Harvest fish seed of finger size. For better growth of fish, feed the locally available supplementary feed or pelleted feed on the basis of 3% of the fish’s body weight per day.