Surajpur. In view of the infection of Korana virus in the district, Collector Ranbir Sharma has given permission to organize Ganeshotsav under conditions. The Collector stated in the order that the height of the idol should not exceed four feet. The size of the pandal with idol installation should not exceed 15X15 feet, it is mandatory to have at least five thousand square feet of open space in front of the pandal.

No road or street portion should be affected in the open space of five thousand square feet in front of the pandal. There should not be a separate pandal for the audience to sit in front of the pavilion and pandal, no chair will be installed for the audience and organizers. The pavilion and front should not exceed 20 people at any one time.

Information of devotees will have to be recorded, it is also necessary to install cameras

The person or committee installing the idol will maintain a register, in which the name, address, mobile number of all the people who come to visit will be recorded so that contact tracing can be done in case any of them get corona infected. The person or committee installing the statue will install four CCTV cameras, so that contact tracing can be done if any of them become corona infected.

No person attending idol darshan or puja will go without a mask. If persons are found in the pandal without wearing a mask, then legal action will be taken against the concerned and the committee. Sanitizer, thermal screening, oximeter, handwash and cue management system will be arranged by the person or committee installing the idol.

Separate arrangement of physical distancing arrival and departure by person or committee, bamboo-barricades will have to be done. Statue installation will not be allowed in the Containment Zone. If during the period of worship, even if the above area is declared as a constituency area, then the Puja will have to end immediately.

Only four people will be involved in immersion

During the idol installation, no banquet, bhandara, jagrata or cultural program will be allowed during the immersion or after immersion. During the installation of the idol, no type of instrument, sound amplifier, DJ will be allowed to be played during the immersion, during immersion or after immersion.

Prasad, Charanamrit or any food and beverage distribution will not be allowed during idol installation and immersion. No more than one vehicle will be allowed for idol immersion, pickup for idol immersion, use of vehicle larger than Tata S (small elephant) will be prohibited. No additional decorations, tableaux will be allowed in the idol immersion vehicle, no more than four persons will be able to go for idol immersion and they will sit in the idol vehicle, no separate vehicle will be allowed.

There will also be conditions for organizing in homes

The collector informed that these conditions will also be effective on installing the idol in the houses. Along with this, if the idol is installed outside the house, at least seven days before the application will be made in the prescribed affidavit in the subdivisional magistrate’s office and after obtaining permission, the information of permission is given to the Municipal Council or Nagar Panchayat or Gram Panchayat and related police. Permission will be given to install the statue only by giving it to the police station and the post. Violation of the order will be taken under the provisions of the Epidemic Diseases Act and other sections as per the law.