Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a simple message to the sectoral group of secretaries with whom he has had marathon meetings since December on the government’s vision for the next five years — “Jaane wale nahi, le jaane wale chahiye”.

In his succinct seven-word message earlier this month, the PM emphasised that his government wants civil servants who can see through the implementation of the suggestions presented to him, sources told ThePrint.

Since December, the sectoral groups — first constituted in 2016 for focused attention on key areas of governance — have made a number of presentations on each sector to Modi and his council of ministers. The groups were reconstituted after the government was re-elected last year.

The secretaries’ reports not only highlighted the work the government has achieved so far, but also submitted a vision for the next five years, said a senior official, who didn’t wish to be named.

While the PM appreciated the suggestions, he laid out his requirements clearly.

“PM pointed out that a number of secretaries who had given the presentation would retire in a year or so. He emphasised one would require such officers who would be there for a long time to ensure the suggestions are implemented properly,” said the official.