Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has urged the farmers of the state not to believe in any rumours about paddy procurement as the government is committed to fulfill its promise.

Baghel was talking to reporters at police ground helipad before leaving for Balod-Baloda Bazar

Chief Minister Baghel further assured the farmers of the state that under any        circumstance the state government will procure paddy from them at the rate of 15 quintal per acre. And for that if need be there will be extension of time-limit for paddy procurement or increase in installments of procurement.

Chief Minister has appealed to people not to pay attention to the rumours about paddy procurement being spread by mischief mongers and brokers who have been illegally transporting paddy from other states to sell at the procurement centers of Chhattisgarh.

Chief Minister said that several steps have been taken to ensure systematic procurement of paddy. Any official or employee found troubling farmers unnecessarily will be subjected to strict action.

Baghel said Chhattisgarh government is the                 government of farmers and the farmers’ interest is its    priority. Farmers should have full confidence on the state government, he said.