Crazy elephants become crushing leaders of the opposition, Arman of the people

Now after Chidambaram, Nirvav Modi’s connection with Ahmed Patel: Rs 5 thousand crore banking fraud of Sonia Gandhi’s special Ahmed Patel trapped: Rs 4,701 crore worth of property seized

Passports of all the leaders accused of corruption in China have been seized. But we are not only accused of corruption but leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, who were released on bail in the corruption case, and Laloo Yadav, who have been languishing in jail and who have been involved in the scam of ED, CBI and IT, are involved. Apart from this, Congress leaders including Chidambaram, Ahmed Patel, Aam Aadmi Party’s Satyendra Jain and Mamta Banerjee’s team leaders are also trapped. Mayawati is also not untouched in it.

The irony is that they are crushing the Armanas of the public by deviating from all idol-like elephants. Today, all this, especially the alliance of the Feminist parties, has been done to cheat the public.

Their only negative, unholy coalition is to remove only Prime Minister Modi. This coalition is without leadership.

Farmer’s son Ahmed Patel is the key advisor to Sonia Gandhi.

When Rajiv Gandhi took over the command of Congress after the assassination of Indira Gandhi, Ahmed Patel was among his closest people. It is said that at that time the three people who were chiefly involved in Rajiv Gandhi’s advisers were called Amar, Akbar, Anthony. Among them were Amar Yani Arun Singh (Rajiv Gandhi’s friend from Doon school age), Anthony i.e. Oscar Fernandes and Akbar i.e. Ahmed Patel.

According to today’s news scam of 5000 crore! Sonia’s advisor Ahmad Patel and her son in the investigation of the ED investigation: Ahmad Patel’s name may be linked to financial problems related to financial fraud related to the Sundaresa Group, adding to the difficulties of Congress.

Sources linked to the ED said that the name of Ahmad Patel’s family has surfaced during the investigation of bank loan fraud case of more than Rs. 5000 crores. After filing an FIR in this regard by the CBI, ED filed a case against Sterling Group of Companies, Sterling Biotech Limited, its Directors, Chartered Accountant and the then Director of Andhra Bank under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. It has been alleged that the group’s companies had taken loans of more than five thousand crore from the consortium of Andhra Bank-led government banks by tampering the records. It was used in foreign companies other than the country. The investigating agency arrested Gagan Dhawan, who played the role of middleman in this case. At that time Dhawan’s tone was said to be associated with influential bureaucrats and leaders. According to the allegation, the money of the loan was transferred to Dhawan, which he allegedly used to buy the property.

Banking fraud and money laundering case also reached Ahmad Patel’s family

Let us know that Ahmed Patel and his family have reached the flaws of Banking Fraud and Money Laundering case on the Tasasara Group. According to information, Sunil Yadav, employee of the Tasrsara group, has also named Ahmed Patel’s son Faizal Patel and son-in-law Irfan Siddiqui before the ED. Yadav, in an affidavit filed in the statement, has alleged that Dasasara Group’s owner Chetan Dasasara and his colleague Gagan Dhawan gave Siddi many times Rs. 15 lakhs. In his statement to the ED, the Saadasara group mentioned to the ED that Chetan had been visiting Ahmed Patel’s house at 23, Mother Crescent, New Delhi and was called Headquartered 23 by the Ansar. According to Yadav, Siddiqui used to call Jassi Jasya and Faizal Patel J-1. Yadav’s statement was recorded under Section 50 of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. Despite the summons of ED, Chetan Mascassa has not been presented before the investigation agency. While Gagan Dhawan has been arrested.

Not only Mamta Banerjee’s party, her minister is also trapped in Cheetfund Frad. Lalu Yadav’s companions can ever become Chidambaram Ji. The CBI’s screw is not only on them, but also on their son and wife. Probably on June 6, Chidambaram will have to appear before the CBI.

The surprise is that the end of UPA rule was due to corruption. Still, the families of these opposition parties are in the grip of investigating agencies in most cases of corruption. In spite of his pleasure in winning some of the by-elections, he is crushing the Armanas of the people by becoming drunk. Coalition is making the base without any basis for cheating the public to cover the bright future of 125 crore people of India.

The public needs to be conscious of this.