On the recommendation of MLA of Bindranwagarh Assembly Constituent Mr. Damrudhar Pujari, administrative approval of Rs. 15 lakh has been provided by Collector Mr. Nileshkumar Kshirsagar in the development block Devbhog. According to the information received, from the Mangal Ghar to Nal in the Gram Panchayat Barbahali under Devbhog development block. Road construction, CC Road construction from only Ghar to Toran Ghar in Churu Para and Rs. 5-5 lakh has been approved for each construction work for CC Road construction from Burla Para Jal Singh Ghar to Tiran Ghar. The responsibility of the implementation agency has been given to the Chief Executive Officer of the concerned District Panchayat Devbhog.