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  Kiran Bedi vs Pratibha
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By - Premendra Agrawal
Tags: Kiran Bedi Pratibha Patil Missile Man Kalam Tribute to Womanhood Women Empowerment Gender bias Corrupt System Vote Bank Politician Italian made fake secular anesthesia Conversion Jehad Unity in diversity; tag this


If B Raman is right to say that we are a nation with no memory . So, Sonia dares to say: Cong is the most pro-women party. India is under threat of extinction of its identity sooner or later due to insensitivity and inactiveness of its own people who are suffering from Italian made fake secular anesthesia. This situation has provided a great chance for Sonia Gandhi to kidnap India.



Tribute of Congress to the womanhood

Sonia is right to say that her selection of Pratibha as a President of India means tribute to womanhood. Pt Nehru to Manu and Tandoor Sharma are symbols of “A tribute to the womanhood”. Besides the CIA documents, discloslure of Pamela Mountbatten’s about the love affairs of her mother Edwina Mountbatten with Pt Nehru was the beginning of giving tribute to womanhood by the Nehru Gandhi dynasty and the Congress.


Women Empowerment

The presidential post is merely a ceremonial one in India. Real executive powers are vested in the council of ministers, headed by the prime minister. PM is a puppet of Sonia Gandhi. Thus, it is clear that the only ones who will benefit from Pratibha the president is the Sonia Gandhi, not the women of India. KIRAN Bedi is stronger than many male in the police force, puppets for selfish interest. So she suffered and became the victim of gender bias.
India’s most celebrated woman police officer Dr. Kiran Bedi is the show’s host and the women of Delhi can talk to her every Thursday at 8pm only on Meow as reported by the

Dishonest corrupt system

Honest leaders, bureaucrats, intellectuals, scientists are suffering with dishonest corrupt system as we see how this system downed the Missile Man Dr. Kalam and Kiran Bedi. It is obvious that Pratibha as President and Y S Dabwal as the Police Commissioner of Delhi emerged as the top choices mainly due to their loyalty to present Gandhis.

Vote bank politicians and fake secularists

Fake secular leaders are with greater kidnapping skill than the kidnappers of the Executive Officer of Satyam.

They are standing in the queue of ‘Yes madam’ are more dangerous than under world Daud and ‘Betel nut (supari) killers’. These fake seculars are aligned with scandals Bofors to Oil for Food and Telgi’s fake stamp scam.

India is under the threat of Indian-less since the takeover of Congress by Sonia Gandhi. Slowly and slowly Sonia’s non-violent fraudulent Christian Lobby is expanding its grip on every Constitutional Independent Institutions including the government.

Flying of Quattrochi from India with the help of Margret Alwa and got released his seized accounts of London banks with the help of Law Ministry are the examples. In every big scandal Bofors to War Room Leakage and Oil for Food kickbacks Sonia’s imprints are found.

Italian made fake secular anesthesia

Whole India including media is unconscious due to the inducing of Italian made secular anesthesia. B Raman thousands and myself are beating drums giving wakeup call but there is no getup.

Here question arises why is dictatorial Sonia Gandhi is racing towards the domination of India? Answer is hided in the concept of selfish secularism that been defined and followed in such a manner which distanced people from their culture, history, faith and religion. Why are tribal and poor people of India being forcefully converted? Pratibha Patil could become the President because she followed fatwa of Pope and Sonia Gandhi. It is fact that newly elected India’s President is for proselytizing

Slowly and slowly in the hidden-theft and open dacoit ways India-ness is being ruined. After omitting map of India, Christian Cross is marked of the coin of Rs 2/-. What does it means? Is India not governed by Talibani dynasty to ruin Ram Setu?

Inducing of Italian made blind following fake secularism to people negated role of faith and culture in building of nations and they were simply seen merely as an economic and political unit. This is the reason caste; faiths and religions have been made in India the instruments of vote bank politics as we see in the reservation policy and just completed election of President. Shivsena saw it as the instrument of cashing its regionalism over Hinduism or nationalism. Third Front, hided their dirty face to wear the mask of fake secularism. Sonia succeeded to enter her blind follower Pratibha in the Rastrapati Bhavan.

Conversionary and Jehadi did not follow secularism

Christian Missionaries and Muslim Jehadi world did not follow concept of secularism. In contrast, Christian and Muslim world did not follow concept of secularism either in political life or personal life and they keep on following their faith. Now result is before us, followers of tolerant Hinduism is shrinking and followers of Christ and Islam are growing as we see mushrooming of Christian Missionaries and terrorist groups.

How tragic it is to note that a community which struggled for its unity by its tolerant nature for generations today do not have any regret when it is going to be divided from their own people, it is nothing other than insensitivity resulted from so called secularism. This situation has provided a ground for gunned Jehadis and fraudulent canning Christian Missionaries to fulfill their dream of world domination. This dream itself is a man made disaster in a greatest shape of suicide bombers Engineer Kafeel and Dr. Sabeel.

Unity in diversity

If followers of Indian culture with different faiths who believe in co-existence can come together with a cultural treaty to redefine secularism and define the role of caste and faiths in national life differentiating it with fake secularism, then ‘Anekta men ekta (Unity in diversity )’ can be preserved otherwise it is under threat of Christian Missionaries’ Non-Violent-Vatican terrorism and bloody Jehadi terrorism.

Why is bloodbath in Iraq? Why did Indian Muslim doctor and Engineer become the members of world terrorism? S affron Razan Zed made history on July 12, 07 to sing Hindu Prayer in US Senate “Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.” World sees blood bath to forget Saffron Vivekanand’s Address - Chicago, Sept, 1893 . Hear 100-year-old speech of Saffron Vivekanand delivered in Chicago:














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