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  UK US UNESCO saves but Indian Govt ruins Hinduism
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By - Premendra Agrawal

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Hindu chaplain to deliver prayer in US Senate: US heritage body wants Ram Setu preserve. Seculars should not be in the role of Late Prince of Nepal Dipendra? They should not be Neros who sang to see fire in Rome ? Corporate America for Gita and Sunita William of Hindu father and Slovenian mother took with her to the International Space Station (ISS) are a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, a small figurine of Ganesha and some samosas. She was in NASA’s shuttle. Opposite to this is happeining in India.



Who wants to destroy Ram Sethu? We wish, President means Rashtrapati should be Ram Bhakt to save Ram Sethu ( Adam’s bridge ).

There is a release of the posters allegedly portraying MP Jyotiraditya Scindia as Arjuna of Bhagvat Gita and former Madhya Pradesh Minister Mahendra Singh Kalukheda as Lord Krishna.


NASA has given proof of Ram Sethu by its satellite photos. Opposite to this UPA government with the help of Left wants to destroy Ram Sethu. Is NASA communal?


US heritage body wants Ram Setu preserve

As reported by rediff on June 11, 07, The World Monuments Fund, a US-based international preservation body that brings out the annual world monument watch list of endangered sites, has come out in an open support of Ram Setu or Adam's Bridge .

The Indian government should realise that it is more valuable to preserve it than to demolish it for the Sethusamudram canal project for bringing ships inland, the body has said.

The fund chairman Marilyn Perry has stressed that the government can leave the disputed area untouched by re-routing the canal.

He also suggested that the government make it a tourist attraction by sending tourists in glass boats to the bottom of the site to view the beautiful rock formations.


What is going on in Hindustan ?

Nero sings while fire ravaged Rome , July 18, 64 AD : Our Anti Hinduism leaders in the leadership of Congress sing in 21 st century to fire Hinduism in Hindustan . Effort to destroy Ram Sethu is the latest example.


Why do so called secular Hindus kill Hinduism in Hindustan ? Who are the cones of late Prince Dipendra of Nepal ? Are we sons of soil in the grip of the ghost of Dipendra? Pratibha Patil talked to the ghost in Mount abu ? Perhaps she can explain this.


Prince Dipendra killed his parents King Birendra, the queen and seven other royals before killing himself at a family dinner. Why do we want to follow him to kill Hinduism? The king's son Prince Dipendra, was mad at his mother because she didn't approve of the young girl Devyani he wanted to marry. Now that girl is the wife of the grandson of HRD Minister Arjun Singh. Perhaps he can throw some light because he and other seculars have allergy to the saffron color.


Have we given Bhartratna to any Hindu relighous head? Govt gave Teresa. Have we given Padmshree to any noble human who tried to block forcefully conversion? Govt gave padmashree to Glady Staines? Atheist Kerala government decided to gove award to MF Husseinn for his nude paintings of Bharatmata and Hindu god goddeses. Does leftist government give award to any one who make paintings of Bhagat Sigh, Tatya Tope or other martyrs? Instead of martys Congress leaders want to see the poster with paintings of Sonia as Durga and Jhansi ki Rani.


Hindu chaplain to deliver prayer in US Senate

Now latest report of flagging of Hinduism is here from US: Although Hindu prayers have been recited at the opening of some US state legislative assemblies, including in Maryland and New Jersey, thanks to Indian American legislators Kumar Barve and Upendra Chivukula -- House Majority Leader and Deputy House Speaker of the Maryland and New Jersey House of Delegates respectively -- when Hindu chaplain Rajan Zed opens the US Senate on July 12 with a Hindu prayer, he will create history.


Zed, told, "I delivered the first Hindu opening prayer in Nevada State Assembly in March this year and followed it up by delivering the first Hindu opening prayer in the Nevada State Senate in May, but it will be a great honor for Indians, Hindus, Nevadans, myself, and my family, when I deliver the opening prayer in the US Senate because I have been told that never has there been a Hindu prayer delivered in the US Senate since its formation."


"I plan to start and end the prayer with 'Om' the mystical syllable containing the universe," he said, "which in Hinduism is used to introduce and  conclude religious work."


A native of Punjab and an alumnus of Punjab University , from where he received his bachelor ofarts degree in journalism, Zed is also the public relations office of the India Association of North Nevada.


Britain saves but Indian Govt ruins Hinduism

Britain is communal, so it’s former PM Tony Blair and its MPs protest and speak out against Kazakh harassment of Hindu! India is secular, so neither its government nor parliamentarians, have a single word against Kazakh harassment of Hindus.


Corporate America for Gita

Swamy Parthasarthy is Guru of American business executives to give message of Gita– to put purpose before self.


UK hails contributions of British Hindus

News of UK is opposite to the news of India . The British government has come out in full praise of the contributions made to English society by British Hindus and charity organizations run by them.

"Hinduism believes in the dictum -- one in all and all in one -- and you do things which are in the larger interest of humanity," Hilary Benn, secretary of state for International Development and Labour's deputy leader candidate said while addressing a conference organized by Hindu Aid at the Swaminarayan Hindu Temple in Stanmore in London on May 24. 07 .

Hindu Aid is a charity dedicated to eradication of global poverty. Delivering the keynote address at the conference, Benn quoted from Bhagvad Gita saying, "You do your duty without expecting any reward."

Before few days back Lauding Britain’s high-achieving Hindu community, London Mayor Ken Livingstone has said that he was proud that a large proportion of the community had chosen London as their home


Rig Veda added to UNESCO heritage list

Pt Nehru omitted the identity of Hindustan as hindu Rahtra to show that hinuism is a religion which is communal. Present UPA government including its Hindu leaders also misguides the people call Hindus and their organizations communal, fundamentalists, extreimists etc.etc. After 1947 only one Hindu Rashtra was Nepal which is now in the grip of armed Maoist. As Shankracharya of Puri said that in Nepal they are burning Hindu books and destroying Hindu heritage. They are active in India with the indirect blessings of their democratic ideologist Left parties which have hold on UPA.


I recall an Hindu daily artile which said: Sanskrit came as a revelation to the Western scholars in the 19th Century and this led them to look at India as the repository for spirituality. Max Muller introduced the study of the Vedas, the ancient texts in Sanskrit, "as the dawn of the religious consciousness of man," while at the same time providing the missionary with knowledge, "as indispensable as knowledge of the enemy's country is to a general." Although Hinduism is not strictly a religion in the Western sense inasmuch as it does not have scriptures as the arbitrary authority, the early Western missionary Indologists associated the Vedas with religion, which were in fact social documents depicting the way of life of a primeval tribe.


As reported by media on June 20, 07; thirty manuscripts of the ancient Hindu text Rig Veda dating from 1800 to 1500 BC are among 38 new items that have been added to the United Nations heritage list to help preserve them for posterity.

The list includes the world's first feature-length film, the family archives of Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel and the proceedings of the trials of South African anti-apartheid figures such as Nelson Mandela.


The items have been included in the 'Memory of the World Register' set up by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, bringing to 158 the total number of inscriptions on the register so far.


UNESCO Director-General Koochiro Matsuura announced the additions on Tuesday, saying he had approved the latest inscriptions, which were recommended by the International Advisory Committee of the Memory of the World Programme during a meeting last week in Pretoria , South Africa .


We wish, President means Rashtrapati should be Ram Bhakt to save Ram Sethu ( Adam’s bridge )














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