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  Sanjha chulha to burn ‘He ram’ in Gujarat
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By - Premendra Agrawal
Tags: Sanjha Chulha Burn He Ram Tandoor Sharma Secular Legal bribery Lalu Ram Bhakt Godhra burning anti Gujarat Gandhism Tehelka Sting Modi 1984 Sikh Mascare Christian Congress Godhra Marx Maoist Terrorist friendly Hindu Naxal Sonia; tag this

Fake seculars have made Sanjah Chulha for coming Gujarat Election to bury Ram Bhakti of ‘He Ram’ as Tandoor Sharma of Congress burnt his wife Sahni. Lalu and Tahalka have inaugurated this Sanjha Chulha for stopping more trains at Godhra to burn Ram Bhakts. This is the latest add to the Ramdrohi Affidavit and efforts to Ruin Ram Sethu. Half Christian Congress Party with others hired foreign funded fake secular media band party.


Why should Lalu not be arrested?

On Oct 13, 2006 Gujarat High Court quashed not only its findings but also the formation of this commission by Lalu. H.C. said that Banerjee Panel is illegal. Why should Lalu not be arrested? Gujarat riots sting: Lalu demands arrest of Modi. Is Lalu’s lallu demand for himself?


Why not Tehelka’s sting on 1984’ Mascare of Sikhs?

Tehalka probe claims Modi sanctioned Gujarat Violence. Who sanctioned 1084’ Sikh riots? Who sanctioned operation blue star?

Bhindranwale was developed and finished by Congressee secular politics: Then Prime Minister, and Zail Singh, her Home Minister, allegedly tried to use him to create a split in the terrorist movement, which started a fight against the government of India in 1981 for the creation of an independent state for the Sikhs to be called Khalistan.

After some months of seeming co-operation with the government of India , he went out of control, joined the terrorists and took over the leadership of their so-called Khalistan movement.

Bhindrawale of Congress was killed by Congress.


Legal Bribery by Secular Government

UPA Govt sanctioned Rs seven lakhs for each victim family of Gujarat riot. It is good. Would it be bad if the same sanction be for the karsevaks who were burnt in the train compartment at Godhara? Are Hindus slaves of Italian led Congress led Government? Are Hindus second citizen in Hindustan ?

MM Sonia invented legal bribery for Musim victims in Guj riots. Caste religion based Reservation is secularism. Divide and rule-British policy is now Congress vote bank politics in independentIndia. 

Legal Bribery


Why not Tehelka’s sting on Burning of Rambhakts at Godhra?

Sabarmati express was burning at Godhra. Karsevaks were burnt in the compartment. But not a single tear came from the eyes of the seculars. What a cruel vote greedy they are! Tears are flowing from Sonia to bottom of pseudo-secularists’ camp for the Afzal. If some of them would be seen at that time then there could not be seen riot-flame in Gujarat .

On the 3rd day, Ms. Jayalalitaa spoke out and said "It is shameful that no one condemns when majority is attacked. When the minority is attacked, there is a mad competition as to who would condemn the attacks first. It is not only the minorities who enjoy the right to life under the constitution, majority also do....."

Who burnt his wife in Tandoor? Why is Sanjha Chulha to burn Rambhakti?

Sharma killed and burnt his wife in tandoor to rise in Congress? Killer claimed Congress flags burning!!

Tandoor Sharma killed his wife to rise in Congress?

According to the Delhi Police charge sheet, Sharma, a former youth Congress leader believed his wife, also a Congress worker was having an affair with yet another Congressman Matloob Karim. Karim had been Naina's classmate. Sharma and Naina also had differences because he wanted to keep their marriage a secret.

A jealous Sharma had come home on July 2 that year to find his wife talking on the phone to someone. He redialed and confirmed she was talking to Karim. Enraged, he fired three shots from his licensed revolver at his wife killing her.

The police said Sharma then wrapped the body and tried to burn it in the tandoor with the help of the Bagiya Restaurant manager, Keshav.

Sex in Politics: Burnt the wife in tandoor


Are we a nation with no memory?

B Raman is right to say that we are a nation with no memory. So, Sonia dares to say: Cong is the most pro-women party. Should people forget the 1984’ mascare of Sikhs, Bhagalpur riots, Manu Sharma, Tandoor Sharma, Sharda Jain and Madhumita to Kavita the products of so called seculars all in jails.

Cutting womb to kill or kidnap unborn child: Sex Politics Conversion

India is under threat of extinction of its identity sooner or later due to insensitivity and inactiveness of its own people who are suffering from Italian made fake secular anesthesia.

Video Catch: ‘Drunk’ Congress MP with women! Nudy reveler MP in train: Oct 2 in UNO


Full marks to Marx and Gandhigiri: India , China and Russia have opposed fresh

Western sanctions on Junta of Myanmar Newly trio felt shame to oppose gunning down of monks in Myanmar by Junta government an adopted cruel child of China . Sonia’s father learnt lesson from Mussolini. Now his daughter is in China to learn Maoism. She has learnt many Red-lessons in Christian led 30% Maoists of Nepal and Naxalites of India. By the help of Naxalites Congress snatched power from Naidu TDP in Andhra. This is Indian dirty politics that the same Naidu now embraced invisible brother of naxalites CPM.

Why Maoist Terrorist friendly represented India in UNO on Oct2?


Anti Gujarat Anti Ram Anti Gandhism

Gujaratis feel, they have been constantly reminded about the riots since 2002 whenever they visit other parts of the country even today. It is really pitty that even after five years of that bad episode; no one is ready to just leave them alone. It is media hype. It is a sellable issue for Christian jihadi secular media.

Gandhi samadhi memorial of Mahatma Gandhi has the epitaph He Ram, the last words uttered by Gandhi when Nathuram Godse fired on him.

People may go through the movie of Anupam Kher “Maine Gandhi ko nahen maraa’. Godse killed Gandhi only one time but ‘“har roz har pal…baar baar apne haathon se gala ghot kar mara hai. Par mujhe koi dukh nahi (everytime i killed gandhi).’ Who are these invisible hided faces?

Who wants to think about the invisible faces and their conspiracies to rule India ?

Answer is buried beneath the various samadhis of Gandhighat and the ashes of Subhash Bose. Jawaharlal Nehru’s samadhi is to the north of the Raj Ghat and is known as the Shantivan or Shanti Vana meaning the forest of peace.

Does present Gandhi’s government want to give respect to the last word of Mahatma Gandhi ‘He Ram’ to ruin Ram Sethu and to insult the police, judiciary and the elected Gujarat Govt?














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