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  Cutting womb to kill or kidnap unborn child: Sex Politics Conversion
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By - Premendra Agrawal
Tags: Cutting womb Kill Kidnap Unforn Child Sex Politician Conversion Mr. Clean Non Hindu Half Christian Jihad Murder of Pregnant America India Amarmani Wife Madhumita Film Nithari Serial killing Tsunami Prostitutes Newsanalysisindia; tag this

I discuss here mainly two different types of most hated crimes which are equal and also opposite to each other. Besides this I will sight here few more crimes moving arount the subject of this article.


I have discussed in my past articles Coalition compulsion dharm of Gandhis and Mr.Clean against democray and the constitution. So called fake seculars besides Non-Hindu Soni and Full Christian Sonia and other Congress leaders with the mentality of half Christianity have placed a challenge before the majority of India for saving the Ram Sethu which the Government wants to ruin. In the leadership of Sonia Gandhi half Christian Congress leaders facilitates the conversion of tribals and poors into Christianity to please their Christian leaders.

Christian Jehad of Congress against Ram

So removing this Anti-Ram Government is a dharm before us. So, please raise your arms to sign.

A Kansas woman was found guilty on Oct 22, 2007 of killing a pregnant woman, cutting the womb and kidnapping the newborn in a gruesome ruse to pass the child off as her own. This is one type of crime which I never heard before this.This crime is not related to sexuasl politics.


Talk of Today in America is cutting womb to kidnap the new born child

A jury convicted Lisa M. Montgomery, 39, of Melvern , Kansas , on a charge of kidnapping resulting in death, finding she strangled Bobbie Jo Stinnett, the baby's mother, and sliced open her abdomen with a kitchen knife. She did the crime because she wanted to have the baby who rested inside.

At the time of the crime in December 2004, the slain woman, Bobbie Jo Stinnett, 23, was eight months pregnant. She ran a business, Happy Haven Rat Terriers, from home and advertised on the internet.

"The child appears to be healthy and in good shape," said Sheriff Ben Espy of Nodaway County, Missouri. "We have no indication that the child was hurt in any way."

Todd Graves, the US Attorney in Kansas City, released an affidavit detailing how computer sleuthing by FBI agents tracked down the baby to the town of Melvern in eastern Kansas, where she was found in apparently healthy condition at the home of Kevin and Lisa Montgomery. FBI agents were able to track down the internet address being used to a server in Topeka, Kansas and from there they found the Montgomery home.


Talk of Today in India is life imprisoned Amarmani, wife

Talk of today is life imprisoned fomer minister Amarmani and his wife in poetess Madhumita murder case. Madhumita , who was pregnant at the time of murder, was having an affair with Amarmani, whose wife objected to it. It is also claimed that Madhumita was pregnant with Amarmani's child. He wanted her to abort, but she was against it and so he got her killed

On May 9, 2003 , Madhumita, a UP-based poet, was shot dead in her Lucknow home. A signed but undated letter was found in which she left behind clues to her death.

Madhumita wrote: "Did I not dream of having a baby for four months? You may refuse to accept the child but as a mother how can I do that? Should I murder the child after bearing it in my womb for six months? Did you not think of my pain? You treated me like a commodity."

Madhumita’s sister Nidhi said, “Rajniti ka asli rang kya hai, koi mujh se puche: Maine rajniti ka sabse ghinona chehra dekha hai: Jiske aage Ravan ke dus chehre bedag hain” Sex Rackets Murders Indian Politics and Election season.

When Kavita Madhumita felt in love with sexy politicians


Murder of pregnant is different to other murders

A pregnant woman is in a condition that distinguishes her from all other people -- men and women alike -- who are not pregnant. She holds a second life within her body.

That distinction places special burdens upon the pregnant woman's shoulders and renders her vulnerable to outside harms in a unique way. She cannot expose herself to danger without risking her baby's life at the same time. But to see her as a resource to be mined -- instead of as a precious being that holds within her a second precious being -- is to rob her of dignity.

Both crimes of America and India as discussed in this article are thus an outrage in several respects. In addition to killing a human being, and thereby also depriving children of their mothers before they had finished the journey of pregnancy together, the killers here treated their victims as commodities instead of a living creature as we found the contents in the letter of killed Madhumita. For that, the mothers of unbornchild may well have forfeited their own entitlements to the mercy that a jury or judge might otherwise have accorded them.

Killer Kanas woman wanted child in womb but in Indian case accused did not want the child in womb. In both case pregnant women were murdered. Ut in

American case child of cut womb was saved bunt in Indian case that was also killed.


Amarmani, wife’ crime is more outrage than the Montgomery 's crime

Monstgomery killed the pegnant woman and kidnapped the newly born child.

Crime of Amarmani and her wife is bigger than Monsgomery because they killed pregnant woman and the child in the womb both. Further Amarmani’s crime is bigger than his wife because he also raped Madhumita to give her false dreams.

Snatching and steeling the children is called adoption.

UP Minister is acused of stealing baby.


Opposite to the above there were crimes to kill the unborn child in sexual political rackets.

Poem: Legal Serial Killing by Life Saver

In Christian Hospital of Ratlam of MP

Hundreds Skeletons found

Belongs to new-born children

Aborted fetuses and even

Some of them of minor children

In the pit behind the hospital

You are modern

Yes you progressive

You may be Christian

As Sonia Gandhi is Christian

But Christ or any other God

Can’t accept never accept

The worship of baby killers Serial killers

Organ trade, Noida Serial Killing and camel jockerying

There are 9,000 children who have gone missing from the national capital in the last three years. Over 2,500 children have been reported missing in 2006 itself, according to figures available with the missing people’s squad of Delhi Police. “As much as 90 per cent of Nithari’s population is Bengali migrated especially from Malda, Farakka and Murshidabad. Murshidabad district of West Bengal, which once supplied minor boys for camel jockeying to the Middle East , is now the biggest supplier of minor girls for clandestine prostitution rackets. Jamtala Daspara village in South 24 Parganas, West Bengal , has no more teenaged girls. Why Leftists were silent?

Now, film on Nithari killings

* Natural disasters such as T-sunami are boons for Chirstian missionaries to adopt the orphans for conversion. Sonia Gandhi was also intereted to adopt some of them on behalf of Rajiv gadhi Foundation.

* Prostitutes are sused for conversion.


Jihad and Conversion

Is here any difference between violence and non-violence?  Bloody cruel deceisive acts in the name of gods in this or that way are sin and crimes. Forcefully by fraud to convert in christianty may be gandhigiri but not non-violence of Mahatma Gandhi. This conversion is not less crime than the crime of grooming children for jehad. 

Christinity of Sonia Gandhi and Bush say only Chirst showed the way to heaven.


Prostitutes are sused for conversion.

As reported on Oct 24, 07 at: <> the raid in a Christian destitute home here reveals the new modus operandi of Church to promote Conversion.

The Missionary Charity home based Prostitution under the leadership of a 65 year old Nun-exposes the true colour of their Charity.

The institution ran by hugely funded foreign money and Grants from Government, were utilizing prostitutes for their evil aim of Conversion.

Lure the men by showcasing their commodities-Then accuse them as sinners-Then preach the way of Jesus as the only way to escape from their committed sin!














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