Ghost of Shishupal in TimesofIndia: UK Govt reminds Bhagvad Gita


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By Premendra Agrawal



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Some one of the Times of India, English daily, has stooped very low by denigrating Lord Shree Krishna for an advertisement called 'Dating Sutra'. One hacker is also there. That hacker stole my password (related to on May 10, o6, to publish that I became Christian and I apologies for what all I said. Is this the secularism of Kanthlangotee fake seculars and bahurupiyas? See the fraud  Click Here!!

The pressure for not publishing my articles and blogs is being loaded on few popular websites from the kingdom of fake seculars.

You can’t block air, water and fire!

You can’t hide wave of nationalism

Your hands can’t block raises of Indianess

Sow seeds of nationalism! Serve the nation


There are agitations against the religious hating crime of the ghost of the TOI. Such as Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) staged strong demonstrations at Dadar, Mumbai to protest against this denigration and demanded an unconditional apology. HJS has also filed a police complaint at Azad Maidan police station against the said newspaper. Find full details at:


I turn the leaves of history of April 14, 1865. Abraham Lincoln was shot by a Southern sympathizer, John Wilkes Booth, in Ford's Theater. He died the next day. His body was displayed in the East Room of the White House.

Psychics believe that President Lincoln has never left the White House, that his spirit remains to complete the business of his abbreviated second term and to be available in times of crisis. For seventy years, presidents, first ladies, guests, and members of the White House staff have claimed to have either seen Lincoln or felt his presence.


Ghost of Shishupal and a Christian hacker in the TOI

So I suspect that ghost of Shishupal and a Christian hacker are in the timesofindia. Now in the name of secularism and freedom of expression many media giants are insulting the sentiments of Hindus day and night in three shifts. I warned in my article of May 9 titled “Anti-Ram Sethu DMK in Fire, Signal to Congress”: “The invisible hand of God knows how to destroy evil as says our holy books. It has proved true in TN. It is signal for those who wants to destroy Ram Sethu. Don’t block the way for turning the temporary construction of Ramlala in to a greatest pious temple of our ancient historical Mahapurush Ram. Burn the Lanka of Ravan and give the power to Vibhishan” I request the owners and administrators of TOI for removing the ghost with the help of Chandra Swamy or other Swamy tantrik.


I don’t know on whose instruction Swamy Angnivesh is in Punjab. Is he with like minded a peace maker? He is born to leave his birth place Bilaspur for meeting foreign borns in Delhi. He coveres his head with saffron turbon to spread hate towards Hinduism. A black ghosty shadow may be on the progressive brave religious Punjab, because of that Punjab is facing violence.   


Shishupala continued to insult Krishna further, and Lord Krishna patiently heard him without protest. Just as a lion does not care when a flock of jackals howl. Was that the weakness of God Krishna? Hindu Rashtra is also not a weak country. Tolerant Hindus request their brothers with folded hands. Don’t cross 100 in the name of secularism and freedom of expression.


UK hails contributions of British Hindus

News of UK is opposite to the news of India. The British government has come out in full praise of the contributions made to English society by British Hindus and charity organizations run by them.

"Hinduism believes in the dictum -- one in all and all in one -- and you do things which are in the larger interest of humanity," Hilary Benn, secretary of state for International Development and Labour's deputy leader candidate said while addressing a conference organized by Hindu Aid at the Swaminarayan Hindu Temple in Stanmore in London on May 24. 07.

Hindu Aid is a charity dedicated to eradication of global poverty. Delivering the keynote address at the conference, Benn quoted from Bhagvad Gita saying, "You do your duty without expecting any reward."


Before few days back Lauding Britain’s high-achieving Hindu community, London Mayor Ken Livingstone has said that he was proud that a large proportion of the community had chosen London as their home.


Bhaktivedanta Manor in Hertfordshire of ISKCON

Bhaktivedanta Manor in Hertfordshire is in the UK headquarters of The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), more commonly known as the Hare Krishna movement. I expected tambourine-banging, arm-waving, enthusiastic groups of people chanting the fairly well-known chant of “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare”, so I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted warmly by a priest called Radha Mohan Das. All holy men in this sect receive a Sanskrit name (one of the many names of God) plus the suffix ‘Das’ (‘Dasi’ for women) which means ‘servant of’. Incidentally, ‘Hare’’ addresses the energy of God, and ‘Krishna’ means ‘all attractive’, a reference to one of the many Hindu Gods.

Opposite to the above there was a terrorist bloody attack of the temple of ISKCON in the North East of our country.


MF Hussain: London Vs India

The Times of India (May 24) carried a story of an exhibition held in Asia House in London of two nude portrayals of Hindu goddesses drawn by M.F.Husain—and the shocking thing is that the exhibition was inaugurated by none else than India’s High Commissioner, Kamalesh Sharma, who is probably telling himself how liberal Hindus are and how forgiving even when their gods and goddesses are mocked and insulted.


The Secretary General of the Forum, Ramesh Kallidai told The Times of India: “In the case of Da Vinci Code, the authorities slapped an ‘A’ certificate. When it came to the Prophet’s cartoons, PM personally condemned them. India was one of the first to ban Rushdie’s book, The Satanic Verses. Why should artistic freedom only be enjoyed by those who hurt and insult Hindus?”


Due to ‘Hindu Human Rights protest Tony Blair banned the exhibition.

On revenge website of Hindu Human Rights, the group of young activists who helped shut down the offensive exhibition of M.F. Husain in London, has been blocked by the UPA regime!


Britain saves but Indian Govt ruins Hinduism

Britain is communal, so it’s PM Tony Blair and its MPs protest and speak out against Kazakh harassment of Hindu! India is secular, so neither its government nor parliamentarians, have a single word against Kazakh harassment of Hindus. Only BJP condemned the demolition of a Hindu temple in Kazakhstan and expressed surprise over government's silence over the issue.


Corporate America for Gita but who burns Gita in India

Swamy Parthasarthy is Guru of American business executives to give message of Gita– to put purpose before self. In India Lalu becomes IIM Guru. Salem MLA & Afzal Guru MP by election on secular ticket


Are Fake Secular Yadavas Gokul Krishna’s Vanshaj? Corporate America is embracing Indian Hindu philosophy in a big way but to go against the teaching of our sanatan ancient books and tradition India becomes a most corrupt nation of the world. The 80 year old Swami Parthasarathy, is one of India's best-selling authors on Vedanta, an ancient school of Hindu philosophy. Is Lalu Yadav a son of Gokul symbol of honesty? Does Lalu follow Gokul Krishna and Gita? He is also the subject of international interest but to defame India. Are we including owners and administrators of the TOI?


Are we heirs of Krishna or Romeo and Juliet?

Are we including so called Gandhi dynasty not the heirs of great great dynasty of Krishna? Are we heirs of Romeo? Don’t deceive people? Publish white paper on this. Are we communal to ask this?


Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy by William Shakespeare concerning two young "star-cross'd lovers" and the role played by their tragic suicides in ending a long-running family feud. It is one of the most famous of Shakespeare's plays, one of his earliest theatrical triumphs, and is thought to be the most archetypal love story of the Renaissance and indeed the history of Western culture.


Are our national symbol Ashok Chakra Ramayan Mahabharat or Christian Cross? Who and why the circulation of Coins with Christian Cross marks? Why is the Sick-ular timepass government adamant to destroy Ram Sethu (Adam’s bridge)? Are we communal to ask this?

People ask to anti-Indianess and fake seculars. Don’t hide the truth. If you want to make India a Christian country then says frankly before the public.


Who were underground on Vandematram Day?

* This side that side

Every where,

Dishonor of Bharatmata

Hindu God Goddesses

Of Mahatma Gandhi

by Gandhigiri of Gandhis


Oh Lord Krishna

Re-born re-born again

to fight Mahabharat again

We can't wait

Can't wait no long

Hear my pray

Oh Lord Krishna



By Premendra Agrawal





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