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Britain saves but Indian Govt ruins Hinduism


By premendra Agrawal



Britain is communal, so it’s PM Tony Blair and its MPs protest and speak out against Kazakh harassment of Hindu! India is secular, so neither its government nor parliamentarians, have a single word against Kazakh harassment of Hindus. Only BJP condemned the demolition of a Hindu temple in Kazakhstan and expressed surprise over government's silence over the issue.


Kazakhstan , the largest republic in Central Asia with a population of over 15 million, comprises over 130 ethnic groups who practice 40 religions. Ethnic Russians, who typically are traditionally members of the Russian Orthodox Church, constitute around a third of the population while ethnic Kazakhs, who are Sunni Muslims, make up half.


At a recent meeting held in Almaty and chaired by A.M. Muhkashov, the deputy director of the Kazakh government Region Committee, the ISKCON delegation was clearly told that Hindus do not have a place in Kazakhstan .


Is our secular government in coma?

Are Hindus no place and no votes in India? Is tolerance means to give liberty for playing vote bank politics to disunite Indians? While Britain is taking up this issue, our own secular government will never do anything for the Hindus in Kazakhstan. What did our secular government in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Fiji, and Malaysia or elsewhere?


Demolition of Hindu temples in Malaysia

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has come to learn of several cases involving the demolition or at least partial damage of Hindu temples in Malaysia following orders by government authorities. Furthermore, in addition to such acts, which are a violation of domestic laws, those ordered to carry out the destruction have used force and caused injuries to the devotees of the temples .


Only Hindu temple in Moscow had been demolished

Hindus all over the world expressed outrage and anger after a leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Nikon called the Hindu God, Lord Krishna an ‘evil demon’ around the time of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan’s state visit to Moscow to meet Russian President Putin.

The only Hindu temple in Moscow had been demolished last year, leaving some 15,000 Indians and 10,000 Russian followers of Hinduism without a place of worship. Now the Mayor of Moscow and the Russian Orthodox Church are together trying to stop Hindus from

“Now, the Russian Hindu community in Moscow have no place to house the consecrated Deities they had worshipped for the last decade,” claimed Dr Mihir Meghani, President of the Hindu American Foundation.


Buddha statue Demolished by Taliban

In my previous articles I have sighted how Hindu temples and ancient religious books of Hinduism are being damaged and burnt there. Burning of Hindu books and libraries and the places of worship in Nepal after abolishment the Hindu Kingdom reminds us Nazi’s ‘funeral pyre of the intellect’ & demolition of Buddha statue by Taliban. Who kills people burns books?  I reproduce here three stanza of my poem of the article mentioned above.  


Insult of Hindu god and goddesses abroad

Without hesitation intentionally our god and goddesses are insulted in foreign countries. For example:

“Toronto Star” selected and published this "NUDE" picture by ignoring three following "Dressed & Decent Durga" pictures available on Reuters that time At last, The Toronto Star published an unconditional apology along with an appropriate Durga image.This apology was published in the same section where the initial nude Durga image was published. The apology reads:
"On Oct. 4. the Star published a photo of an unfinished depiction of the Hindu goddess Maa Durga. Members of Toronto's Hindu community took great exception to this goddess being presented in an undignified manner. The above picture shows the goddess in an appropriate manner. The Star regrets that publication of the original photo has caused anguish and apologizes to the Hindu community."


Secular Indian Government!!

Indian Govt. acted promptly on dargah which was being demolished in Vadodara f or widening roads. After that more than hundred Hindu temples are demolished in Mumbai without any hurdle. Govt. is silent over the demolition of the famous Krishna temple in Moscow and a century- old Hindu temple in Malaysia. Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh called up the Denmark Prime Minister to object to the publication of the offensive cartoon caricaturing the Prophet.


SIMI and Seculars

I would like to remind the UP Chief Minister that his own state police have arrested six SIMI activists in connection with last year's attack on the Ayodhya temple. So many cases were in the court for hearing but for getting votes and support his government took back and many SIMI leaders became free from the prisons. T here have been several attacks and explosions on Hindu temples and even Malegaon blasts on the pious Friday of Ramzan in India by the terrorists with the support of SIMI. Congress including Sonia Gandhi, Ambika Soni and Sriprkash Jaiswal had opposed the NDA for banning SIMI.


Shri Shri Ravi Shankar on Ram Janmabhoomi

There was a livetelecast program related to four days Art of Living camp at Mumbai of Shri Shri Ravi Shankar on Nov 23. One participant asked about the allegation related to RSS or VHP linking of Shri Shri. Ravi Shakar jee gave answer in detail but in the simple way. He said that he embrassed to all without discriminating caste, religion or ideology and party politics. Even he met naxaltes, Hurriyats or terrorists. There should be common law for all even withoutgender bias. The same may be said by others. Birth places Christ and Mohammed Paigamber should be respected. Like that crores and crores believe and want the temple of Ram Janmbhoomi. This may be gifted by others for unity and as the sign of love and co-existance. This is his thinking. There my be same or opposite to this views.


In December 1999, the Director of CIA George Tenet and State Department Coordinator for Counterterrorism Michael Sheen testified before a Senate subcommittee that US has evidence that Pakistan is a state-sponsor of terrorism against India. Muslim conquerors destroyed over 5,000 temples in North India, including those at the sites holiest for Hindus. They built mosques there instead, which have no particular significance to Islam. In order to reconstruct their holiest temple, Hindu organizations have offered compromises to Muslims. Pakistan sponsored terrorists destroyed the hospitals, Hindu and Sikh temples and the church of Baramula.


Colonial British records maintain that efforts to replace the mosque with a temple had been on since before independence in 1947, but had been continually stymied by both the central government and various Indian courts.


As per Ramayan & Hindu Mythology the site of Ram 's birth is situated in the city of Ayodhya in Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh state of India . Ayodhya is a city sacred to devotees of Vishnu , who Hindus believe took birth as King Ram, and has several temples devoted to the deity. The Ayodhya of Ram is believed to have existed in the Treta Yuga of the Hindu calendar, about 900,000 years ago to 1.3 Millions of years ago. In 1528 , the Rama Mandir is Demolished & the Babri

Masjid is constructed on the orders of the Mughal leader Babur .


Who were underground on Vandematram Day?

Sonia was underground with PM and other Congress Ministers on the occasion of Vandemataram day to appease Muslims: Govinda may say if Vande Mataram becomes Vande Mat Rome, then his Sonia Mata participate the national function, other wise not?

The British government banned the song, but it was the Congress that sang it as an expression of protest against British rule."

Now on Sept 7, 2006 instead of pre-independence Congress now BJP sang ‘Vandematram’ as and expression of protest against Italian rule. Instead of British Govt. now Italian Mussolinism influenced UPA Govt. made mandatory to sing national song (partially banned). Now vote bank politicians stabbed ‘Khanjar’ on the back of nationalism to call ‘patriotism’ a matter of choice.

Many ‘ Martyr ’ hanged in the British Rule with this song on their lips.


MF Hussain: London Vs India

The Times of India (May 24) carried a story of an exhibition held in Asia House in London of two nude portrayals of Hindu goddesses drawn by M.F.Husain—and the shocking thing is that the exhibition was inaugurated by none else than India’s High Commissioner, Kamalesh Sharma, who is probably telling himself how liberal Hindus are and how forgiving even when their gods and goddesses are mocked and insulted.

The Secretary General of the Forum, Ramesh Kallidai told The Times of India: “In the case of Da Vinci Code, the authorities slapped an ‘A’ certificate. When it came to the Prophet’s cartoons, PM personally condemned them. India was one of the first to ban Rushdie’s book, The Satanic Verses. Why should artistic freedom only be enjoyed by those who hurt and insult Hindus?”


Due to ‘Hindu Human Rights protest Tony Blair banned the exhibition.


On revenge website of Hindu Human Rights, the group of young activists who helped shut down the offensive exhibition of M.F. Husain in London, has been blocked by the UPA regime!


Hindus themselves are culprits and victims who have given free hand to them to ruin our culture and country.


They know that Hindus are divided though they are in majority. Educated and upper caste Hindus are not interested to vote. SC/TB/OBC among them uses their voting right. Due to this ‘Arjun’ is on forefront for religion and caste based reservation quota system and to appease minority to ruin Indian ancient culture and glorious history. So even he make Congress leaders Tilak and Subhash terrorists and insulted Hindu deities in IGNOU -NCERT books intentionally


* This side that side

Every where,

Dishonor of Bharatmata

Hindu God Goddesses

And Gandhi by Gandhigiri,


Oh Lord Krishna

Re-born re-born again

to fight Mahabharat again

We can't wait

Can't wait no long

Hear my pray

Oh Lord krishna


* Body burns, but the soul flies away

Paper burns, but the words fly away

Every word of book enlightens others

Every patriot martyr enlightens others  


* Holika burns, Bhakt Prahlad was safe

Yet Sanatan Hinduism Hindutva is safe

Hirnakasyip wished all to worship him

Maoist Leftists want all to follow them 


* They crush flower perfume spreads

Can break Violin but music spreads

Can kill human, not remembrance

Hinduism preaches much tolerance 


By Premendra Agrawal