Why Shivraj Patil has five Guns and Naxal enrolled him as his father?


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By Premendra Agrawal



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Busted Naxalites’ arms factory in Bhopal is registered in the name of the son of Home Minister Shivraj Patil, Divakar Patil allias Yalwathi. Home Minister has licensed 5 guns as Sanjay Dutt & Wadia.



Biodata of Naxalite son of Shivraj Patil

Is there any relation of Shivraj Patil with the Naxalies? If we see the record of the record of Bhopal Police then at a first glance it seems that Diwakar Patil owner of busted arm factory of Naxalites is the son of our Home Minister Shivrja Patil. In every document Diwakar enrolled the name of Shivraj Patil as his father.


For the God sake Andhra Police revealed the biodata of Divakar Patil allias Yalwathi. Yalwarthy Lila Krishna son of Satyanarayan is belongs to the village Kothluru of Dist Guntur. He changes from time to time his not only his name but also father’s name. Guntur Dist secretary of CPI (Maoist) is accused in so many murder cases and has changed his and his father’s name so many times. He is living in Bhopal since few years.


Busted armed factory of naxalites in Bhopal is in the name of Diwakar Patil allias Yalwarthy. When asked the mentioning his father’s name as Shivraj Patil then he replied that in sharp contrast, on April 24, 2005, at a high level meeting with Ministers, Government officials, Opposition leaders and intellectuals at Bangalore, Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil stated : “ The Government is not interested in using weapons. They (the Naxalites) are our brothers and sisters and we know that this is a socio-economic problem rather than one of law and order. We can solve these problems through dialogue and discussions.” Diwakar allias Yalwarthy said that since that date he considered Shivrj Patil as his father to enroll him as his father in every document that might be electric and water bill or factory registration and rent receipt.


This dangerous Naxal married with another Naxalite girl. This marriage ceremony organised by his party on 2004. His wife of 25 yrs Raj laxmi allias Lajju Palli Rani also belongs to Guntur. She has also so many names such as Sunita, Raj laxmi, Rani etc. etc. Two lacs prized Lajju Palli is also accused of so many murders.


Shivraj Patil repeatedly cleared it in Lok Sabha also. Are terrorists who brutalise, rape and kill women and children are brothers of Shivraj Patil? “We consider those who have taken up arms due to economic reasons as brothers. We are trying to bring them into the mainstream,” Shivraj Patil said during a discussion in Rajya Sabha on internal security. The Minister’s intervention came when Prabhunath Singh (JD-U) said Patil had referred to terrorists as brothers.


The result of such nonsense statement is in recently busted arm factory of naxalites in Bhopal . Ajit Doval, former chief of Intelligence Bureau asks: 'Why do you say Maoists are not terrorists?' Trio Shivraj Patil, Somnath Chatterjee and Jyonti Basu have said Naxalites are not criminals.


Why does Shivraj Patil have 5 guns?

Sanjay Ditt got AK 47 rifles from Don Abu Salem though besides this he kept three pistols. He might be able to spread ‘Gandhigiri” in the streets because of the said four guns. He followed this technique from Home Minister Shivraj Patil.


Why does our Home Minister Shivraj Patil possess five guns? We cannot help but wonder what he expects to do with them. He revealed his assets in the candidate form for the Rajya Sabha, the affidavit stated he has a Czech pistol worth Rs 4,000, a sports rifle worth Rs 50,000, a pistol worth Rs 6,000 and two 12-Bore rifles worth Rs 1,200 each.

The affidavit also states the guns were obtained by Patil about 10 to 20 years ago and the prices are stated after depreciation. Patil told Mid Day that he loves shooting. “As a National Cadet Corp, I won many shooting competitions,” he said.

These days though he does not have enough time for his hobby, but he goes shooting once in a while just to keep his guns in good condition. He loves his guns more than any other object he possesses. His father Vishwanath gave the 12-Bore rifle to him. Russian President L Brezhnev gave the Czech pistol to him when Patil was the defence minister of India and he bought his pistol from the Indian Ordinance Factory.


Shivraj Patil is secular and true follower of Mahatma Gandhi and loyalist of Sonia Gandhi because of the keeping five guns in his home. He was defeated in 2004 Lok Sabha election from Latur. Even though he got the position of Vallabh Bhai Patel in the low shrewd smiled Manmohan’s cabinet.


I don’t know, what is the fault of Wadia. He followed Shivraj Patil and Sanjay Dutt. GoAir and Bombay Dyeing Chairman Nusli Wadia was detained at the Dubai Airport on January 13 for carrying an undeclared pistol which had escaped security screening at Mumbai airport. Wadia carried the pistol and 30 cartridges aboard Air India flight 717, flying from Mumbai to Dubai , without declaring it to the airline or Customs officials.


In India no one is Bharatvashi

These especial categories of secularists and Gandhians are making history. In his Hindi poem yesterday in a channel a poet rightly said to Yamraj that in India no one is Indian means Bharatwashi. Then who is living in India ? They are minority, backward, OBC or tribal means agade pichhade adivasi. They may be separatists, insurgents Naxals ULFA or terrorist means Atankvadi but no one in India is Indian. After hearing this version Yamraj said that such persons has no place in Yamlok. These type of sects only can live in India .


Boasting Minister

Seeking to allay any security related apprehensions of non resident Indians, Home Minister Shivraj Patil shamelessly assured them that India was as safe as any other part of the world.


The Indian Naxalites and Nepalese Maoists continue to grant each other moral and material support and sanctuary and have even espoused creating a "compact revolutionary zone" from Nepal to Andhra Pradesh and enhancing the zone. Any strengthening of the Maoist position in Nepal is likely to invigorate the Naxalites in India . The prospect of Nepal emerging as a failed state would have negative repercussions for India in the form of refugees and Nepal 's emergence as a hub for terrorism and illicit activities.


Lefts in hurry to stab India ’s back again

Interrogation of the Naxals and seized laptop reveals the plan of the Naxalite leaders to create a Red Corridor from South India to Nepal or to spread Maoist Socialism.

On June 19, 2006 , the CPI (M), the CPI and the All-India Forward Bloc said the historic accord between the Maoists and the Seven-Party Alliance in Nepal would have a direct impact on the Maoist movement in South Asia , in general, and India in particular. CPI general secretary A. B. Bardhan said "this is a historic accord ... will have far-reaching repercussions not only in our sub-continent but also over the Marxist extremist thinking all over the world."


It would have a "great impact" on the polity in the entire Indian sub-continent as there had been talks of a "revolutionary corridor" from Kashmir to Vishakapatnam encompassing all the naxalite movements and a section of the LTTE. Some sections within Pakistan , he said, had been thinking such a corridor would help the Maoists in their country to bring about a revolutionary change. "But now the accord in Nepal will have ideological repercussions on the extremist elements everywhere."


Aundhati of Hindu name a blot on Hinduism

In fact, the Naxals are resorting to violent means to bring stop oppression and to end social and economic disparities. To achieve this goal, some NGOs help in preparation of cadre. The gullible Adivasis are being instigated for their rights by these NGOs and admitted in Dalams. This is a very dangerous indication. Hence need is to keep an eye on the activities of these NGOs. The Intelligence wing of police has informed about this to the Union Home Ministry.


Arundhati Roy, cousin sister of the owner of NDTV Pranoy Roy is the spokes person of Anti-India elements. Her father married with a Christian lady. Recently she visited Bastar to spread naxalite poison in the tribal Bastar. On Jan 18 she said there Arundhati Roy today said tribal women and children in the Bastar region are facing the brunt of the anti-Naxal campaign. There was not a single word on her tongue against brutal killings of poor tribal in Bastar.


Arundhati roy was in June 2006 in America to say in an interview,” So, in India, the poor are the terrorists, and even states like Andhra Pradesh, we have thousands of people being held as political prisoners, called Maoists, held as political prisoners in unknown places without charges or with false charges. … Say someone like myself, watching what is happening in Kashmir , where -- or in the northeast, where exactly what America is doing in Iraq , you know, where you're fostering a kind of civil war”.


No unified Firm policy against Naxalites

Central government is for whole India but Shivraj Patil says that every state is free to take decision separately for naxalites problem. Congress captured power in Andhra with the help of Naxalites. As reported on Feb 3, 2005 , Sonia Gandhi forced cops to let Naxal leaders free to murder democracy! Several Naxalite leaders importantly Ramakrishna, Sudhakar Peer, S. Appa Rao and those from Jharkhand and Bihar , were reported to have been allowed safe passage after the Greyhound commandos — of the crack anti-Naxalite force — surrounded them in a forest. Congress supported ULFA to re-capture power in Assam . Now after getting power they are going half heartedly against Naxalites and ULFA.



By Premendra Agrawal