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  Cambodia bans Christian proselytizing: India’s President for proselytizing
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By - Premendra Agrawal

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A directive from the Ministry of Cults and Religions of Cambodia is: "Christians are prohibited from visiting people's houses by knocking on the door and waiting to say 'the Lord has arrived'. Why does Indian elect its President to welcome forceful conversion? Did Mahatma Gandhi want forcefully conversion?



As reported by media on July 17-21, 2007 Distribution of religious literature in the Cambodia will be confined to churches, which now must be approved by the ministry before they can be built, the directive said.


While the ruling applies to all non-Buddhist groups, it is aimed at curbing Christian evangelical influence in largely Buddhist Cambodia amid reports of children being tricked into converting, officials said.

Christian missionaries are reportedly offering cakes and other sweets to children in exchange for abandoning Buddhism, local media said.

Food, clothing and free English lessons are also offered by many church groups, which then introduce religion into their activities.

"It is prohibited to use money, materials and other means in order to convince followers of a religion to convert to another one," the ministry directive said

There were fewer than 70,000 Christians and about 170 churches in Cambodia in 2006, according to government figures. More than 90 percent of Cambodia's nearly 14 million people are Buddhist

Cambodian Buddhists are generally tolerant of other religions. But last year, about 300 Buddhist villagers, apparently angered by a rival faith within their community, razed a partially built Christian church.

The mob chanted "Destroy the church!" and "Long live Buddhism!" as it descended upon the unfinished Protestant church near Phnom Penh.

Also last year, a group of Christian worshippers was caught distributing candy and cakes to young poor people in the countryside and trying to convert them, Sun Kim Hun said. Such activities are illegal under the directive.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, whose young white-shirted Mormon volunteers are seen regularly cycling around the capital, admitted some missionary groups many employ underhand tactics but denied any wrongdoing on its behalf.
"I think there are some breaches of those rules happening in the country, but not by us," Cambodian mission head Robert Winegar said, without giving details.

Did Mahatma Gandhi want Forcefully Conversion?


No Such Thing as Conversion

“I believe that there is no such thing as conversion from one faith to another in the accepted sense of the word. It is a highly personal matter for the individual and his God. I may not have any design upon my neighbour as to his faith which I must honour even as I honour my own. Having reverently studied the scriptures of the world I could no more think of asking a Christian or a Musalman, or a Parsi or a Jew to change his faith than I would think of changing my own.” (Harijan: September 9, 1935)


No Conversion Designs upon Me

“I am not interested in weaning you from Christianity and making you Hindu, and I do not relish your designs upon me, if you had any, to convert me to Christianity. I would also dispute your claim that Christianity is the only true religion.” (Harijan: June 3, 1937)


Western Christianity Today

It is my firm opinion that Europe (and the United States) does not represent the spirit of God or Christianity but the spirit of Satan. And Satan’s successes are the greatest when appears with the name of God on his lips. (Young India: September 8, 1920)


Western Christianity (cont’d)

I consider western Christianity in its practical working a negation of Christ’s Christianity. I cannot conceive Jesus, if he was living in flesh in our midst, approving of modern Christian organizations, public worship, or ministry. (Young India: September 22, 1921)


Christianity and Imperialistic Exploitation

Christianity in India has been inextricably mixed up for the last one hundred and fifty years with British rule. It appears to us as synonymous with materialistic civilization and imperialistic exploitation by the stronger white races of the weaker races of the world. Its contribution to India has been, therefore, largely negative. (Young India: March 21, 1929)


No Room for Them

In the manner in which they are working there would seem to be no room for them. Quite unconsciously they do harm to themselves and also to us. It is perhaps impertinent to say that they do harm to themselves, but quite pertinent to say that they do harm to us. They do harm to those amongst whom they work and those amongst whom they do not work, i.e., the harm is done to the whole of India… The more I study their activities the more sorry I become… It is a tragedy that such a thing should happen to the human family. (Harijan: December 12, 1936)


Only the other day a missionary descended on a famine area with money in his pocket, distributed it among the famine stricken, converted them to his fold, took charge of their temple, and demol ished it. This is outrageous. (Harijan: November 5, 1937)


Did Super PM and Newly President on the path of Mahatma Gandhi?

“Sonia Gandhi opposes Anti Forcefully Conversion Bills passed by Raj and MP Governments: Indian Congress President Mrs. Gandhi said, “The Congress Party has opposed this strongly in the assembly and through demonstrations.”

Why Pope sent ‘Fatwa’ to India? On whose instruction FORMER Rajasthan Governor AND NEWLY ELECTED PRESIDENT had sent back the Anti-forced conversion bill passed by Raj assembly?














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