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  Missile Man on earth, Super Loyal of Super PM on sky
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By - Premendra Agrawal

Tags: Missile Man Abdul Kalam Azad Public Rejected President Manmohan Singh Sikh PM Super Loyal of Super PM Congress of Aam Adami Superwoman Union Cabinet Communal tattoo Muslim Pakistan Krish Mobocracy Shivraj Patil; tag this


Congress Party is a party of Aam Adami (Comman persons) so it wants President who has been defeated by Aam adami (Comman persons). Congress applied the same formula for Prime Minister Post. Is Congess not a party of Superwoman instead of comman person? Is Shivraj Patil not a kite as PM Manmohan Singh in the hands of Super PM? Communal tattoos should be on whose body? Foreign borns want to be democratic dictators in India.



Public rejected President PM in the democracy

A former Lok Sabha speaker (1991-1996), Shivraj Patil lost in the 2004 polls from Latur constituency in Maharashtra, but has still landed up the second most important position in the Union Cabinet -- that of the Home Minister. Singh lost his seat in the Lok Sabha from South Delhi in 1999. He is thus the only Indian Prime Minister never to have been an elected member of the Lower House of Parliament. He has been a member of the Rajya Sabha for Assam since 1991. He is a native Punjabi language speaker.


Communal tattoos on whose body parts

Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad due to having limited power many times became Non-Azad (Rubber Stamp). He signed in the night on the plane for the presdent rule in Bihar. He accepted the appointment of Sonia’s loyalist Navin Chawala as Election Commissioner though he should be liable for rejection as per Office of Profit Bill. He became communal to flow tears on the mercy petition of Afzal Guru. How Actor Feroz Khan can repeat his past dialogue which he gave on the land of Muslim Pakistan, "I am a proud Indian. India is a secular country. Muslims there are making lot of progress. Our President is a Muslim, Prime Minister a Sikh,'' Manmohan Singh has lost his credibility as a Sikh PM in the previous assembly election of Punjab. He could not dare to contest the Lok Sabha seat of Chandigarh against Nav Jyot Singh Sidhu. Missile Man could be President due to so called communal party BJP and now it will be removed by so called secular party Congress, their allies and atheist Leftists.

Now it depends on the people to mark communal tattoos on the body parts of fake secular leaders.

Naseeruddin Shah on Superman Superwoman

As Naseeruddin Shah gets set to release his directorial debut Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota, the actor-director says he is ready to face his critics. Here are excerpts of an exclusive interview with CNN-IBN's Entertainment Editor, Rajeev Masand.

Rajeev Masand: So what are the films then that really make you proud? Are those the ones that are the really good work within the commercial format, Masoom perhaps?
Naseeruddin Shah: Sure. Within the commercial format, movies like Mohraa, Chamatkaar.

Rajeev Masand: First super hero.
Naseeruddin Shah: Yes. First super hero who could fly. Though before that there was a movie called Superman with Nirupa Roy. Would you believe it?

Rajeev Masand:I have heard of it.
Naseeruddin Shah: A film called Superman with Nirupa Roy playing Superman.

Rajeev Masand:Playing Superman
Naseeruddin Shah: Yes. Playing Superman. Not Superwoman.

Rajeev Masand:This I have to see.

This people have to see in the role played by superman (Superwoamn) for her super loyal in the presidential election.

Superman, spiderwoman, Krish etc means ……………..

Democracy in India has become a mobocracy of filmy superman or superwoman which is never happened in real life. Instead of becoming mature we are going to be such parents who want to become the children of theirs children.

* Superman (Superwoman or Super PM) is written with a nearly infinite number of rediculous and unrelated super powers that make him so close to completely invulnerable that there is never really any stress or drama around him. Without the invention of his allergic reaction to kryptonite, and his occasional "loss of powers" there would never be anything even remotely interesting to read. In addition, over time, they just keep writing new powers for the guy.

Is Sonia Gandhi superwoman due to her most abililies wanted by blind followrers? PM Manmohan Singh, Future President Shivraj Patil and outgone Natwar Singh are examples of her loyalists.

Sonia Gandhi is superwoman due to her most abililies which are the liking of her blind followrers:

Indian news channels indiatv, startv and others show blind faiths of tribal, illiterate and so called backward communities. But they never want to show the blind faith which is going on in the so called secular politics.

The current list of superman or superwoman may include:
1. He/she can’t be hurt by physical weapons (hence “Man of Steel”)
2. He/she’s immune to cold
3. He/she’s immune to fire
4. He/she can fly
5. He/she can run REALLY fast
6. He/she is super strong, like lift a bus up by its bumper with one hand strong, despite the fact that the bumper would tear right off in the real world
7. He/she has laser vision
8. He/she has x-ray vision
9. He/she has super hearing
10. He/she has super-breath
11. He/she doesn’t need air (he flies through space for long periods of time .

Super PM is superwoman with so many similar disqualifications:

* Without getting admission received certificate of English language from Combridge University

* Not a single example in the whole world other than Sonia Gandhi. She did not take citizenship for more than 15 years of his husband’s native country.

* She owned house in her native country Italy but not in India

* White haired experienced leaders and intellectuals bow before unexperienced under graduate foreign origin woman.

* Even red leftists are wetted cats before her. They threw the name of Pranab Mukherjee as a Bengal Proud for the presidentship but Sonia rejected their proposal. She said that Pranab is more needed for the government. Pranab said that then why did Sonia not appoint him as PM. This will be the seconde crime of communists with Nehru Gandhi Dynasty for Bengal. Before this they even called Subhash Chandra Bose a dog.














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