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By Premendra Agrawal



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JMM Bribery Scam made Soren a killer. UPA invented legal bribery for Muslim victims in Gujarat riots. It wants voters for few hours every five years. Caste religion based Reservation is secularism.

Divide and rule-British policy is now Congress vote bank politics in independent India.


Government of India is called secular government since independent! We adopted secular constitution. In the name of secularism every sin is done even after the independence. These caste and religious based secularism is played to abolish the caste and religious discrimination.


Over the last 60 years appeasement policy has grown into every campaign-cycle industry for specified minority groups to buy their votes in whole sole through novoative political philosophies. Now UPA government made it more transparent legal bribe ideology of Secular Congress and the 10 Janpath. No politician in so called secular parties is immune from this legalized form of graft. Every fake secular politician and party including Congress, SP, RJD, NCP, Muslim league, CPM, PDF of J & K and others goes to the dance with one partner and leaves with another. They may take talaque with in a minute in the state assembly elections. And the Indian taxpayer is left to sit out the dance, alone, in the corner of the ground, room or hut.


These fake seculars only need the voters for about an hour or so every five or less years to get elected. Once in office the politician doesn't need the voter until the next election. Greed being what it is, even when the fake secular party is independently wealthy, the money he uses to get reelected comes from special interest groups of criminals, separatists, insurgents, infiltrators, corrupt business establishments. They have no hesitation to encourage the terrorists and naxalites also for this.


Politicians notoriously bring one party to the dance and leaves with someone else. It is called shamefully ‘Nothing is impossible in politics’. That's why we always become disappointed in those we elect to public office. Samajwadi Party and Left parties support UPA in the centre from outside and fight inside the states election to make fool the people and to kill the soul of democracy in the name of secularism.


For the fulfillment of wonders of secularism Congress created Minority Commission and extended caste based reservation policy. Antuley was forced to resigned as a CM of Maharshtra due to the corruption. Now he is a cabinet minister for making Hindus in the minority. For this he has made grounds for separating Jains and others from Hunduism. Being a minister he is supporting religious reservation for Muslims.


Now leaders are openly says that reservation policy will be continue minimum for three generation. UPA Government now wants to give religious extension. Sachchar Committee has submitted the report to PM Manmohan a secu-liar head. Sachchar reported that population of Muslims is reducing in India . It means ‘one man more wife’ and ‘not adopting the family planning’ are the reasons for the decrease of Muslim population! Another reason may be more killing of Muslims by terrorists in comparison to non-Muslims.


Reuter reported that Christian’s new graves are not finding space in Kolkata. It is also perhaps the indicators of decrease in the population of Christians! But Sachchar Committee has not said a single word for family planning or keeping more wives. Haz pilgrims now get increase 10,000. It is also for the improvement of the economic condition of Muslims! President of Maharashtra Minority Commission criticized the Maharasthra Police and said that SIMI was not involved in the 7/11 train blasts.


There is no conversion of BSP, Republican and minority votes. These are solid vote banks, no chace of failing. A dalit family was killed unfortunately in Bhandara Dist of Maharashtra . Naturally that should be protested. But there was a violent protest against that. There is daily killing of families as media reported. Are these without caste? Fake secular and their blind followers evoke sentiments to say that was dalit family. But secular media never finds a murder of non dalit family. They will give boldly figure them avoiding the killings of non-dalits. Should murderer be a caste in journalism and in the statements of leaders?


Now on the direction of Italian born and grew up Sonia Gandhi and Minority Commission PM under the super pm decided to give the legal bribery in the name of compensation to the Gujarat riot victims. Manmohan Singh was also the Finance Minister in the Narsimha Rao Government. Shibu Soren and other JMM leasers were got bribery for giving votes in favor of Rao Govt to save it. So Manmohan and other members of Sonia’s kitchen cabinet adopted the same bribery trick. But this time it is more legalized.


Shibu Soren and others could not be punished due to the Article 145 of our Constitution. More than 100 times Congress has amended the Constitution. But it never felt necessity to amend the 145. This is tragedy for Shibu Soren that that bribery taking make him killer. Due to that now he is in Tihar Jail instead of that Congress Government in which Manmohan was also a minister.


The UPA government decided to give Rs 7 lakh as compensation to 5,000 so-called riot victims in Gujarat , the same amount given by the government to the 1984 anti-Sikh carnage victims. But there was no mention of relief for the Godhra victims. Perhaps it happened because those karsevaks burnt themselves as reported by Lalu and his Banerjee Commission! Perhaps secular government forgot to register the suicide case against those. It is open fact that decision to award compensation to the 2002 rioters has not only exposed the hypocrisy of the UPA government, but also made the Congress vote-bank politics amply clear. Giving similar relief to the victims of terrorist attacks on Akshardham temple and other places might be against secularism and the constitution. So Secular head Manmohan adopted more transparency to legalize the bribery other wise who will him Oxford University returned scholar. Sonia has genuine love to India so she suggested genuine bribery to Muslim Victims.

Media reported that Centre Government’s decision of Rs 7 lakh to each of the Gujarat riot victims as compensation is because the same amount all the 1984 anti-Sikh-riot-victims were paid. But secular media and secular parties not demanded for the victims of other riots which happened after 1984. Government found only one riot of Gujarat after 1984!! After 1984 , many riots have taken place in Gujarat and all over the country. Why are those people excluded from such benefits? Don’t ask this question if you want to live in Mush friendly India . To day Musharraf also becomes the admirer of Sonia Gandhi. MM has already bowed his head through Joint Mechanism.



By Premendra Agrawal