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  Video Catch: ‘Drunk’ Congress MP with women! Nudy reveler MP in train: Oct 2 in UNO
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By - Premendra Agrawal
Tags: Video Oct 2 in UNO Drunken revelry Pro Woman hood empowerment Anupam Kher He Ram Sethu Congress MP Mahatma Gandhi Dynasty Sonia He Ram Manu Tandoor Sharma Madhumita Kavita Mattoo Sexy Politcian Dera Chief Haryana Sikh Liquor; tag this


'Drunk' Congress MP caught with women in the guesthouse” , is the news of to day. Why did Atma Singh Gill show this culture of Congress before the event of Oct 2 in UNO.



Congress MP Gulam Osmani's drunken revelry in train

Congress leader AF Goman Osmani who is a member of parliament from Assam created a scene onboard Rajdhani Express as reported in media on Feb 24m 07. He was absolutely drunk and created such a ruckus that families in compartment had to be shifted elsewhere. 75-years-old AF Ghulam Osmani is a lawyer by profession and studied at Dacca University, Calcutta and London.


‘Maine Gandhi KO nahen maraa’

Should scanning of movie of Anupam Kher “Maine Gandhi ko nahen maraa not be on Oct 2 nearer to UNO? Godse killed Gandhi only one time but ‘”har roz har pal.baar baar apne haathon se gala ghot kar mara hai. par mujhe koi dukh nahi (everytime i killed gandhi).’

Should video film of Atma Singh Gill will be shown at the time of protest on Oct 2?

Protesting organizations such as Gandhi Heritage Org, Mahatma Gandhi International Foundation, Indo Caribbean Council, Kashmiri Pandits Association, the Indian American Intellectual Forum, and Foundation of Nepalis in America or Congress may give answer of this question.

Gandhi’s He Ram vs Gandhi to ruin Ram Sethu

Can you still say, present Congress is congress of Mahatma Gandhi? Should its leadership of present Gandhis represent India in UNO? Does present Gandhi’s government want o give respect to the last word of Mahatma Gandhi Hē Ram to ruin Ram Sethu?


Are we a nation with no memory?

B Raman is right to say that we are a nation with no memory. So, Sonia dares to say: Cong is the most pro-women party. Before Oct 2, people will forget the above two symbols of Congress as they forget Manu Sharma, Tandoor Sharma and Mahumita to Kavita. India is under threat of extinction of its identity sooner or later due to insensitivity and inactiveness of its own people who are suffering from Italian made fake secular anesthesia. This situation has provided a great chance for Sonia Gandhi to manupulate the Gandhism of Mahatma Gandhi in negative on Oct 2 in UNO. Is it dadagiri of Hitlery and Mussolini democracy or not?


Tribute of Congress to the womanhood

Was Sonia right to say that her selection of Pratibha as a President of India means tribute to womanhood? Pt Nehru to Manu (son of former congress minister) and Tandoor Sharma are symbols of “A tribute to the womanhood”. Besides the CIA documents, discloslure of Pamela Mountbatten’s about the love affairs of her mother Edwina Mountbatten with Pt Nehru was the beginning of giving tribute to womanhood which still Congress follows.

Talk of today is about the ‘Drunk’ Congress MP of Haryana caught with women; yesterday the talk was Manu (son of former Congress minister of Haryana) and Tandoor (Susheel) Sharma former Youth Congress leader. There were also talks of Mahumita, Kavita Rani and Congress councilor Sharda Jain who along with other five co-accused got life sentenced.


Who burnt his wife in tandoor?

Tandoori Sushil Sharma killed and burnt his wife in tandoor to rise in Congress? Killer claimed Congress flags burning!! Today talk is about the Naina and Matto, Yesterday talk was Kavita Rani, Madhumita and Sharda Jain. A Delhi Police constable investigated what he suspected to be a fire and came across the manager trying to fuel the fire in the tandoor. He said he was burning Congress flags and campaign material, but the constable, Nazim Kunju, found the burning body of Naina.

‘’ Profaning the dead body of a helpless woman whom the convict exploited for his own political career is an insult to womanhood,’’ Judge Mr Thareja had said while awarding the maximum punishment for any offence.


Young women with insensitive sexy politicians

Poet Lord Byron wrote: "Man's love is of man's life a part; it is woman's whole existence." When a woman truly loves a man, it is beyond anything that any man can rationally comprehend.

Young women fall in love with cruel sexy politicians who treat them terribly and, yet, they simply cannot break free from the emotions that tie them together as we saw in Madhumita’s case. The women who have emotionally bonded with them become willing victims in a dance to the death of their own self-esteem.

Young woman is so blinded by her misplaced love or other economic or social weakness for the cruel sexy politicians that they are absolutely clueless as to what is happening to them.

All these corrupt politicians and bureaucrats want from these young women is sex.  They are not interested in them as a lovers nor does they care about them in any way, shape, or form.  If it appears that they do care about them, it is only a temporary act to get them into the bed.  The truth of the matter is that they will always revert to their true self after satisfying him or herself at those young women expense. 

In short they are attentive and demonstrates caring and possibly even romantic. They take them to beds and naps. They become abusive: emotionally, verbally, and physically. They treat them badly. They are with insensitive hearts and care less about them. They go their own ways and do what they want to do. They again become good to the young women for getting sex again. The reputation of this happens frequently as they like as many times as they want.

Young women simply cannot break free from the emotions that tie them together.  Whether those are verbal abusiveness, being players, having means disposition, displaying violent tendencies, or any other number of negative traits those leave the women short-changed in a relationship, these cruel sexy politicians get away even with murder. These are the stories of Jessica lal, Nitish Katara, Mattoo, Madhumita, Dr. Kavita Rani. Women who caught alongwith sexy drunken Congress MP could save their lives.

Sexy crime of Congress MP in Video

As reported and screened in video by CNN-IBN, Atma Singh Gill, the Congress MP from Sirsa, and the two women were found in a room of the guesthouse by a group of Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) supporters.

While no case has been registered against the MP, the police took him away after INLD supporters started protesting.

Who tries to copy Mahatma Gandhi as Dera Chief?

Sirsa is also the capital of controversial Dera Chief Haryana Sikh Gurudwara Parbhandak Committee (HSGPC) president Jagdish Singh Jhinda raised objection over the name of Dera chief Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. `His name suggests that the Guru's of Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs and Chrisitians failed to accomplish their job and by incorporating the names from all religion, he (Dera chief) is trying to prove himself above the Guru's,'' Jhinda said.  He added that Dera chief Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh should change his name as his name is hurting the sentiments of different religion from is already his act.

Should Anti-Gandhism leaders change their ‘Gandhi’ surname ?














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