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  Garud truth of Ram Sethu landed at America
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By - Premendra Agrawal

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Synopsis: Garud Garud Bola in America: Even now Garud Winged Eagel is a strong presence in many Asian countries. Truth in Myth: Khalsa uniform in the image of Narsinh Avtar: Transplantation in ancient India and now: Exact age of Dwarka: Garud Releases Ram and Lakshman from Naag Paash.  origin of the Kumbh Mela and Samudra Manthana: Garuda Slokam and skeptic about Ram.



Garud Garud Bola in America

Til Gud Ghya Ani Garud Garud Bola (Take sesame and jaggery and speak sweetly.) Women of Maharashtra attired in beautiful apparels visit the houses of their relatives and friends on Makar Sakranti, where they are welcomed with 'Kheel' and 'Porridge'. The hosts honor them by applying 'Kumkum'. Now after NASA Garud of Ramayan has landed at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The world famous institution, which many will recognize as the setting of the recent Hollywood blockbuster 'Night At the Museum', has just opened an exhibition about mythological creatures from around the world, and the Indian Garuda and Naga are part of the attraction.


Even now Garud is a strong presence in many Asian countries

Included in the exhibit are forms of the Indian Garuda and Naga, which are even now a strong presence in many Asian countries. The Garuda is today the national symbol of Thailand and Indonesia, and is also believed to be the inspiration behind the Roc, the giant bird that appears in the Arabian Nights adventures of Sindbad the Sailor. Curator, Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History, Laurel Kendall told CNBC-TV18, "If you look at most of the map of Asia, you find the Garuda. People know very little about Garud. I feel that the Garuda imagery, the Garuda stories have had a huge influence even beyond places where the Garuda is recognized as a Garuda."

Truth in Mythology

Mythological beings are used to demonstrate truths about the natural world. The exhibition suggests that many fantastical creatures were imaginative attempts to make sense of the enormous mastodon and mammoth fossils found by ancient cultures. The giant, the cyclops, the griffin - all were the results of efforts to flesh out the bones and relics of extinct species.

Even mythological creatures, then, reflect scientific ambitions: How do we make sense of evidence? What are these giant bones, these relics of animals we have never seen? The creators of the griffin - half eagle (Garud), half lion (Narsimh) half elephant (Ganesh)- were early paleontologists who did not quite have their genus straight and put the fossilized bones in the wrong place. In this, a scientist would argue, they resemble creationists: figures that, in trying to make sense of the world, ignore the findings of science to dwell in an imaginary realm where they put everything together according to an alien mold.


Khalsa uniform in the image of Narsinh Avtar

Narsinh Avtar is the half-man, half-lion incarnation of Lord Vishnu: The Guru's Khalsa had to modify the image a little. They had to keep their hair unshorn and make Singh as part of their proper names. This made them look as ferocious and brave like lions.


Transplantation in ancient India and now

Ganesh became without head. Lord Shiva transplanted the head of elephant to him. UPA’s head is in Balu (sand) as Kangroo. So they can’t see the reality of Ram Sethu (Adam’s Bridge).

Spanish Doctors Performs World’s First Hand Transplantation Successfully convert a man's right hand into his left, transplanting it onto the left arm and changing the place of the thumb, as media report of two days before. The 63-year-old man had lost his left hand in an accident four decades ago. Three years ago, he suffered a stroke, which made him unable to use the right side of his body. In 2006, the same medical team gave a handless woman the hands of the victim of a traffic accident. The woman can now write her name.

Exact age of Dwarka now can be determined

New Delhi, June 3: The exact age of Dwarka, the ancient submerged city off Gujarat coast, can now finally be determined In a major breakthrough, archaeologists have excavated from the ruins of Dwarka a wooden block that promises to solve the mystery about the exact age of the submerged city believed by many to belong to Lord Krishna. "Now that we have found wood, we are confident of dating the excavations. We will know exactly how old is this submerged city," Alok Tripathi, superintending archaeologist of the Underwater Archaeology Wing of the Archaeological Survey of India, said.

UPA government is the grip of self defined ‘nag pash’ of secularism. It make hurdles in the above said survey as it did to hide the proofs of the Ram Jnam Bhumi and temple before the Babri structure. UPA government with the support of atheist left parties wants to destroy the Ram Sethu.


Garud Releases Ram and Lakshman from Naag Paash 

Angad was fighting with Indrajit successfully, all resistance were peered.

Rakshsas were feared with the arrows of Ram , Laxman, running to hide,

Indrajit was furious; he saw calamity on the rakshsas, fighting was wide.

Indrajit disappeared and sent Nagpash serpent arrows from the high sky,

Ram, Laxman were tied in Nagpash, fell unconscious; Indrajit had a sigh.

Sugreev, Vibhishan, Hanuman were worried, monkeys morale was low,

Narad Risi sent celestial big bird the Garud, Vinataa's son to help Sri Ram and Laxman Garud cleaned the Nagpash swiftly; Ram , Laxman got up as fresh men. The morale of monkey's, Hanuman, Sugreev, Vibhishan came back high,

All were greeting Ram , Laxman; with the good news Sita had relief sigh.

Nag Pas Ram Laxman


The origin of the Kumbh Mela and Samudra Manthana

Durwas Rishi cursed Indra. As an effect of the curse, all Gods lost their powers and had to often lose a battle against Danavas (Demons). So, all Gods approached to god Vishnu.

Vishnu suggested them to approach Danavas and persuade them to perform Samudra Manthana (churning of the sea). He said Samudra Manthana will bring out Amruta , which will bring back your power and you will not be efeated by Danavas. So Samudra Manthana was carried out.

One of the many precious things that arose from the depths of the troubled waters was a pot of nectar (Amrit Kumbh). Lord Vishnu, disguising himself as an enchantress (Mohini), seized the nectar from the demons. While fleeing from the evil ones, Lord Vishnu passed the nectar on to his winged mount, Garuda. The demons finally caught up with Garuda and in the ensuing struggle, a few drops of the precious nectar fell on Allahabad, Nashik, Hardwar and Ujjain. Since then, the Kumbh Mela has been held in all these places, every 12 years.

Uttar khand:Garuda skeptic about Ram

Jab Raghunath ran krida, Samjhut charit hoti mohi krida.

Indrajit kar aapu bandhayo, tab Naarad Muni Garud pathayo.

Bandhan kaati gayo urmaada, upjaa hridayam prachand nishadaa.

Prabhu bandhan samjhut bahu bhanti, karat vichaar urag aarati.

Garuda Shlokams

“Kumkum-ankita Gaathraaya Kundendu-dhavalaaya cha

Vishnu-vahana Namastubhyam Kshemam Kuru Sadaa Mama

Kalyanam-avahatu Kaamyaphalam Dadaatu

Mishtaanam-avahatu Mrutyum-apaakarotu

Dukhaani Hantu Duritaani Niraakarotu

Gaambheeryam-avahatu Gaaruda-darshanam Me”


One whose body adorns the color of Kumkum, one who shines like the bright moon

I bow to the vahana of Vishnu, please bring forth my welfare always.

Bless me with welfare, grant me my wishes

Bless me with bountiful food, make me immortal.

Destroy sadness, remove my obstacles (worries)

Bless me with courage, Hey Garuda , give me your darshan 

“Kumkumankitha Varnaya Kundendu Davalayacha

Vishnu Vahanamsthubyam Pakshirajaya Thenamaha”  

One who has the complexion of Kumkum, one who shines like the bright moon. I pray to the Vahana  of Vishnu, who is the king of the Birds.


If You Go

What: "Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns and Mermaids."

Where: American Museum of Natural History, 79th Street at Central Park West, New York City.

When: Daily through Jan. 6, 2008.

Cost: $14 adults, $8 ages 2 to 12, $10.50 students.














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