NASA has proof of Ram Sethu (Adams Bridge)


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By Premendra Agrawal



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Babar built struture at Ram birth place to ruin Ram Temple. UPA will ruin Rama Sethu to built Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project. Great Andmannese of 65,000 years ago are alive then why not Ramasethu?


Non-Hindu Ambika Soni is representative of Christian Sonia Gandhi in the Cabinet. PM Manmohan is the ‘yes madam’. Ambika said that there was no architectural proof of Ramasethu. It means their misbefief has importance against the proof given by NASA through the inset pictures. Ambika Sonia and Manmohan should count the hairs of their heads and stars of the sky first. They should let know to the public the age of Himalaya, Ganga, Ayodhya and Srilanka. If they are failure in this then only fool can give them certificate that they have better knowledge than the NASA.


Ramanand Sagar in the last time of his life remembered Krishna and Rama to give their message to the nation and the world. He produced mahabharat and Ramayan serial. Dialogue of Mahabharat was written by a Muslim Raza. Their noble acts have become immortal. But still they are many followers of Ravan. Ravan was a Brahman but his acts made him devil. So fake secularists should think what do they want to be?


Great Andmanese Aboriginal Tribes and Rama Sethu

T-sunami came in India in the last week of Dec 2004. We saw Great Andmanese live seen in the electronic channels at that time. There is a special arrangement on Indian Government level to preserve their identity. CCMB, Hyderabad study published in Science of DNA samples of Onges and Great Anamnese matched the types believed to have evolved around 65,000 years ago, making them representative of the earliest known humans.



Great Andamanese - 40-45 people on Strait Island

Jarawa - about 40 people on South and Middle Andaman

Onge - 105 people on Little Andaman

Shompen - 200-250 people on Great Nicobar

Sentinelese - about 250 people on Sentinel Islands


In the fake seculars’ record only birth place of Ram in Ayodhya and Ramasethu are not present. Ayodhya and Srilanka both are in the map.


Tajmahal Howrahbridge Dhaka ki malmal and Ganges water

They said thinking of Ramasethu is only imagination and not possible to built this in that ancient time. Can now adays consturtion of Tajmahal possible? Why are we preserving this? Whe did cut the heads of the pesons who made Tajmahal? Are still their names not on the floors of Tajmahal?


Can Howrah Bridge again be made by UK now? Why we are keeping safe this? Ther was a time when our bunkars weave such malmal cloth which could be crossesed from the innerside by a finger ring. Who did cut the hands such bunkers among them mostly were Muslims?


Ganga is dyeing. Rajiv Gandhi started a project to make clean and safe Gangese River. What is dling their representative on this direction? Can Sonia, Ambika or else bring the water as the water of Triveni Sangam Gangs from any river of the world? Gangese water is the only water which can be kept for a long time. Water of other may be giver birth to the insects. Indians abroad still worship the water of Ganga.


Sword of Tipu Sultan and Kohinoor diamond

Why did billionary Vijay Malayya of Mysore purchase sword of Teepu Sultan if there is no importance of historical heritages? Where is Kohinoor diamond of Maharaja Ranjit Singh? Sonia Gandhi’s sister had a shop in her Italian village. Ancient statures of our country were in that shop for sale. Who did smuggle them? Our ancient statures and other heritages are being smuggled. 10 janpath loyalists think that history of India is strt only from Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. So they want to wipe ever historical heritage of our glorious ancient India.


Yoga Mediation and Astrology

Many make joke on astrology. Big B became attractive towards Astrology when he found a groom ‘manglik’. Then he with family went to temple to temple for worshiping. Even as being said there was a marriage of Aish with the papal tree.


Mukesh and Anil Ambani were devoted towards Bhagwan when they were going to be separated. Anil was in the channels with his wife worshiping in the temples. Sanjay Dutt also never forgets to remember Hindu gods at the time of difficulties. This is happened with every one. Congress leaders should think. They should bow before Sonia or their gods.


Yoga and mediation are the gifts of ancient India. Why whole world are running towards them. Are taking breadth and doing Suryanamaskar communalism? Astrology is being adopted since the ancient India. Now every channel is sounding that and people of all religion, poor to rich and literate to illiterate follow their guidelines. Who get now noble prize in maths? Is he not Indian origin? Who was Ramanujam?


We should differenciate the Berlin wall and Ramasethu. Two German countries became one country to destroy that wall. But Ramasethu is the symbol of the victory of Ram on Ravan and to the meeting medium of Bharat to Srilamka to give the kingdom of Srilanka to Vibhishan. Indira Gandhi learnt the lesson from Ramayan. So in her premiership our brave army fought the Bangladesh liberation war and after vicory we handover that Bangladesh to its citizens. Like that Ram won the SriLanka but handover that to Vibhushan, the brother of Ravan.


Destruction of Hindu heritage Nepal

Communists, inclduding Maoists are not less cruel than the Taliban who destroy the highest ancient statue of the world in Afghanistan. Those who are celebrating the fall of Nepal as a Hindu nation should reflect on colossal death and destruction of millions of lives in lands like Russia, China, North Korea, Laos, Cambodia and many other countries where communists came into power. Demolition of the only Hindu nation in the world will be disastrous for Hindus, and will lead to gradual destruction of Hindu heritage all over the world. Why cannot even a single Hindu nation exist when there are scores of Muslim and Christian nations in the world? As Shakaracharya of Puri has said that maoist in Nepal are now burning the holy ancient Hindu books.


Earthquake and T-sunami felt

Samir Acharya, convenor of the Society for Andaman and Nicobar Ecology (Sane), said the aboriginals Andamansese tribal have a collective memory of earthquakes and tsunamis so they knew to move to higher ground.

"They continued to remain isolated and even shot arrows at a naval helicopter on patrol which had descended on the North Sentinel island to check," he said


Traditional knowledge handed down from generation to generation helped to save ancient tribes on India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands from the worst of the tsunami, anthropologists say. There's clear evidence that the aboriginals know about tsunamis and they know how to deal with them

"There's clear evidence that the aboriginals know about tsunamis and they know how to deal with them," he said.


Ramasethu acted as 'barrier' during tsunami: ADB expert

A former Asian Development Bank expert has urged for preserving the legendary 'Rama Sethu' bridge of 'Ramayana' times now immersed under sea waters, saying it had protected the entire South and South-West of Nagapattinam when the Tsunami struck the coastlines of several countries in the Indian Ocean.


After the Tsunami struck the Indian coasts in December 2004, shoal accumulations of the Rama Sethu acted as a barrier in protecting the coastline on the South and South-West of Nagapattinam.

The devastating high tides caused by the displacement of tectonic events near Banda Aceh in Indonesia circled the entire Sri Lankan Island and partially moved to Kerala and towards the Rama bridge.

''If the bridge is breached for Sethusamudram, the waters would directly gush into the entire peninsular region beyond Dhanushkodi and the coastline in Kerala to Konkan regions in Karnataka-Goa and Maharashtra and the devastation would be incalculable,'' he said.


The Rama Sethu (Nasa publicized as Adam's Bridge)

The Rama Sethu - a thin bridge which connects India to Sri Lanka is one of the most important physical landmarks to ancient Hindu heritage, venerated as the bridge that Lord Rama's armies built to reach Lanka for battle with Ravana. Recently, the Indian government has unleashed plans to destroy the bridge, to improve sea travel, leading to a campaign to reverse the government's decision


The Rama Sethu land formation (also known as Adam's Bridge), linking southern India to northern Sri Lanka, is an example of such a sacred symbol which is revered in Hindu tradition as the bridge constructed by Lord Rama and his army to cross into Lanka and defeat the demon Ravana.


India has recently revived the idea of having the Sethusamudram canal built between itself and Sri Lanka. This means digging a big hole through the Rama Sethu Bridge and effectively destroying it. It is the offence caused to Hindus for destroying a traditional place of pilgrimage and worship.


This is comparable to a recent news story from the USA which we highlighted here in HHR
where the American courts disallowed the use of sewage for artificial snow on a sacred mountain used as a place of worship and pilgrimage by the Native American people.



By Premendra Agrawal