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  Lal Masjid and arrested two Indian doctors: What is boundary of these Islamists?
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By - Premendra Agrawal

Tags: Lal masjid Militant Deoband Cleric Non –Violent Terrorism of Seculars Two Indian doctors Neil Armstrong Conversion to Islam Christianity Bush Pratibha Patil of Pope Sonia Gandhi Bhindrawale of Congress CDA Chechen rebel; tag this


It is suspected that arrested two Indian doctors in connection with the three failed London and Glasgow car-bomb attacks are the soldiers of Al-Qaeda Army. Pakistan Orders Lal Masjid Militants To Lay Down Arms. Both two incidents of yesterday July 3, 2007 showed that basic premise of present so called Islmamists is not bound by geographical boundaries. Another entertaining urban legend had was that a Muslim man has walked on the moon because Neil Armstrong has apparently converted to Islam.



The only boundaries self defined Islam of the said two Indian doctors and clerics of lal Masjid acknowledges are between momins and kafirs. Living or being from UK , Australia , India , Jordan or Iraq or Pakistan is immaterial. What bind them together are the bonds of their religion

At least 100 students of the radical Lal Masjid in Islamabad surrendered on July 4, 2007.


Had Neil Armstrong apparently converted to Islam?

When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969, Muslim theologians in Lucknow described the event as a myth.

Another entertaining story about space and Islam is like this: Urban legend has is that a Muslim man has walked on the moon because Neil Armstrong has apparently converted to Islam. And while he was there he proved that Mecca was at the center of the world. says, “The most fantastic story was spun around Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, beginning in early 1983. We at Crescent International received phone-calls and letters from Muslims around the world inquirying about Armstrong’s conversion. The story was imaginative and rather fascinating: after returning from his moon journey in July 1969, Armstrong went on a world tour. It was claimed that when he arrived in Cairo, the Egyptian capital, he heard the adhan being called out. Intrigued by the sound, he inquired about it and was told that this was the Muslim call to prayer. He is reported to have said that he had heard the same sound when he landed on the moon. This led him to embrace Islam!”


Are clerics’ terrorists?

January 30, 2006 : In his video Zawahiri shows the agenda is to convert the world, including the President of the United States , to Islam. The alternative is death. Nothing summarizes the goals of Islam than that. In the excerpts broadcast by Al-Jazeera, Zawahiri said he survived a controversial US raid targeting him in Pakistan . He said he is cleric instead of terrorist. On May 11 in Jakarta Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and in June Militant cleric Abu Bakar Bashir called on Bush to convert to Islam. Are clerics of lal Masjid terrorists who raised arms against their Islamic government?


Past and Present Clones of lal Masjid

Lal Masjid is not alone. Its clones were and are world wide presence. Birth place of these are selfish self defined Christianity and Islam both. Christinity of Sonia Gandhi and Bush says only Chisrt showed the way to heaven. Islamists also think the same. Difference is only that conversion in Christianity by fraud and in Islma by terror. Jehadis fight directly but Christian Missionaries fight for conversion from back door. Are forefathers of Jogi, Antony , Alwa, Askar Fernadis, YSR Christians? What was the way of their conversion? Were forefathers of Indias Hindus and Muslims not the same?


Non-Violent Terrorism of Secularists

Reality is that drinkers search the reason to drink. Like that convertors of both religion are always in the search of the ways to convert others in their religion in the name of freedom of Religion. Pratibha Patil of Pope and Sonia Gandhi, being the governor of Rajasthan returned the bill related to the prohibition of forcefull conversion passed in the assembly of Rajasthan. For this type of sacrifices she is rewarded as a presidential candidate of so called fake secular parties. Shivsena has joined this band to be without color means to be opportunistic moving finger. Freedom of esxpression is also the same non-violent terrorism. For this MF Hussein will be awarded by atheists’ Kerala Government. George Bush so called secular bowed his Knee and kiss the finger of the death body of Late Pope.


Shadow of Mullahs of lal Masjid or Deoband on the leaders in power

The mullahs of lal Masjid or Deoband, or anywhere else, were, and still are, patronised by the political order of the day. That's why Rahul Gandhi put on a Muslim skull cap in the Deoband medrassah and declared that Babri masjid would not have been torn down had a Nehru-Gandhi scion been in power in 1992. Deoband provides votes to any bidder in a political quid pro quo. Since he was speaking in Deoband it was convenient for Rahul Gandhi to forget that it was his grandmother, Indira Gandhi, who when in power in June, 1984, had ordered a full-scale army assault on holiest shrine of Shikhs in Amritsar . It was Rahul Gandhi's father who had fanned Hindutva by overturning a court verdict of Shah Bano Case on Muslim divorce practices to appeaset. He also signalled an open season on Babri Structure by ordering its locks to be removed.


Bhindranwale was developed and finished by Congressee secular politics

Then Prime Minister, and Zail Singh, her Home Minister, allegedly tried to use him to create a split in the terrorist movement, which started a fight against the government of India in 1981 for the creation of an independent state for the Sikhs to be called Khalistan.

After some months of seeming co-operation with the government of India , he went out of control, joined the terrorists and took over the leadership of their so-called Khalistan movement.

Bhindrawale of Congress was killed by Congress.


Chechen rebellion in Russia

Examples of Armed religious sect of Vietnam , Chechen reellion in Russia and Hazratbal holy shrine may be kept on the same category.


Adventist sect near Waco

Some of these tragedies are rooted in an absurd history. Twenty-five children and scores of adults died as a result of the US government’s assault on a Seventh - day Adventist sect near Waco , Texas , in 1993. However, the real root of the problem was at least 150 years old. In the 1830s, a New England Baptist preacher, William Miller, computed from obscure prophecies in the Book of Daniel that Jesus would return to Earth between March 21, 1843 , and March 21, 1844 .


Lal Masjid

According to CDA records Lal Masjid is the oldest mosque built in Islamabad … The mosque was constructed by CDA. The construction was funded by the Finance Ministry and the mosque belongs to the Auqaf Department… Maulana Abdullah was appointed the first Imam of Lal Masjid.


Maulana Abdullah was ‘a highly politicized Deobandi mullah who remained critical of all the governments except that of General Zia’s.’ Maulana Abdullah [became] a devoted supporter of the Taliban and the al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, with whom he had reportedly developed special ties.


As fate would have it, Maulana Abdullah met a violent end on 17 October 1998 when he was assassinated - shot dead as he crossed the courtyard of the Lal Masjid - by suspected Shia militants. As is the case for most tit for tat sectarian killings the culprits were never found..

Now the lal masjid is in the control of two sons of late maulana Abdullah. Lal Masjid was constructed and still funded by Isamic government of Pakistan.














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