Ram Sethu is still, Greek and Roman came and disappeared


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By Premendra Agrawal



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Is duty of UPA with Left and few foreign born to destroy Ram Sethu? How is it possible when Hindus see god in each and every particle? Symbol of Unity, Every conch in the temples, Train Sethu from Egmore stn, Entire area of Rameshwaram, Hey Ram of Rajghat, Movie of Dada Saheb Falke Seth-Bandhan, celebration of Dussehra and Deepawali, Aasetu Himachal logo of GSI, Sites of tourism and  Satellite photos of Adams bridge remind us Ram Sethu is a reality of 17 Million years ago.


This information may not be of much importance to the archeologists who are interested in exploring the origins of man, but it is sure to open the spiritual gates of the people of the world to have come to know an ancient history linked to the Indian mythology. Ram Sethu which is also called Adams Bridge, and saving this Historical and Religious heritage, is a very real people to people movement stronger than 1992.


Hindus see god in each and every particle

Hindus of Hindustan have crores and crores deities, as others have only one god. So it was and is impossible to destroy the Hinduism in the world. Hindus see their god in each and every particle (Kan kan men bhagwan). So fake seculars can’t kill the Hinduism, though, they are trying with their best in the leadership of (Christian) Congress and atheists Leftists.


The UPA has folded up the ambitious Saraswati River Project on purely political considerations. It refused funding to the prestigious and path-breaking Dwaraka offshore archaeology excavation project.


Marking of Christian Cross in the newly circulated coin or Rs Two and stepping towards the destruction of Rama Setrhu (Adams bridge) are the latest examples after blocking the ways for the great historical and pious construction of Ram lala temple in Ayodhya. Anti-Hindus to evoke the sentiments of Muslims flow tears ‘Ghadiyali aansu’ every year on Dec 6, in the parliament and at the time of election as in UP. Rahul teared in Deoband to evoke the sentiments of Muslims in the starting of UP Election?


Is duty of UPA with Left to destroy Ram Sethu?

In the current session of Parliament on May 3, BJP Shivsena members raised voice for saving the Ram Sethu and warned government against destroying the historical and religious monument Ram Sethu. As Periyar was against Brahminism, not Brahmins like that Ram was also not against Ravan-ism, not Ravans of Sri Lanka. Ravan was also worshiper of Shiv as Ram. Should BJP and Shivsena be only Ram Bhakt? Few others have liberty to worship Ravan but they should not follow Ravan-ism.


The land where we born is not less than heaven

‘Janani janmbhumisch swargadapi gariyasi’. There may be some leaders who born Italy, UK or other countries but if they love India greater than heaven then they should also be welcomed. But enemies of India and India-ness should be drove from India.


Anti-India-ness of a cabinet minister in the parliament

This is tolerant India where a cabinet minister can dare to reply in the parliament in the following decisive way:






ANSWERED ON  06.03.2007




Will the Minister of CULTURE be pleased to satate :-

(a) whether Government are aware that the Archaeological Studies reveal that the age of Ram Sethu Bridge between India and Sri Lanka is about 17 Lakh years old;

(b) whether it is a fact that NASA has released the images of an ancient bridge at the same place as mentioned above; and


(c) if so, what are the reasons for not declaring and preserving the said bridge as an ancient monument of National and Historical importance? A N S W E R MINISTER FOR TOURISM AND CULTURE (SMT. AMBIKA SONI)



(a) There are no archaeological studies revealing the existence of a Ram Sethu Bridge between India and Sri Lanka.

(b) A NASA satellite picture shows the existence of a stretch of land bridge in the Palk Strait between India and Sri Lanka.

(c) Question does not arise.


Satellite photos of Adams bridge (Ram Sethu)

NASA satellite photos of shoals presented in the evidence that the events described in the Ramayan actually happened. NASA images find 17 millions old, man made bridge named as Adam’s Bridge is made of chain of shoals, c.18 mi (30 km) long between India and Sri Lanka

The bridge is unique curvature and composition by age reveals that it is man made.


US president is Bush, not any fake secular leader of India. How can they destroy the Satellite photos of Ram Sethu which NASA calls ‘Adams bridge’?


Who could destroy our glorious civilization?

"Kuch baat hai ham-men ki hasti mitati nahen hamari": Greek, and Roman, came and disappeared, the Indian civilization survives. While mentioning the tank battle, it is incomplete, without mentioning the valour and dare to fight until the death for motherland by subedar Abdul Hamid, who destroyed quite a few Pakistani tanks, with only a medium size gun mounted on a jeep. This kind of exceptional will to fight until the last drop of blood defying all established rules of wars brought victory to the motherland India. Because of these known and unknown martyrs, we are able to celebrate every year independence day.

In every inch land of India from kanyakumari to Kashmir and ‘Aashetu Himachal’ you will find Ram Sethu. So Anti-Hindu UPA Government can’t destroy Rama Sethu which is in the hearts of every Indian. Even a child knows that a bridge was built by the friends of Lord Rama using floating stones and Rama's army marched over it to Lanka to rescue Sita and destroy the evil regime of Ravana


Can lalu, Railway minister stop Train Sethu?

For Coming to Rameswaram, catch the Train Sethu Express or the Rameswaram Express from the Egmore Station of Chennai.


In every website of tourism you find ‘Ram Sethu’. UPA government could block only few websites related to Hindu organizations. Could it stop the rise of Hinduism in the shape of Hindu organizations including BJP? After that Congress has colored its face with the defeat in the local bodies election of UP and Maharashtra, Assembly elections of Punjab and Uttarakhand and now it is going to defeated in Uttar Pradesh. What will remain in the hands of (Christian) Congress? 


Aasetu Himachal

How can Anti-India-ness government omit the memory so beautifully adopted by the Geological Survey of India in its logo, which describes India in this line etched at the bottom of its insignia -- Aasetu Himachal, meaning India is spread between the Bridge and the Himalayas. That is the Ram Setu Bridge on the southern tip of our motherland, an identity of the nation, under destruction now.


(Christian) Congress led government can cancel the vacation of Hindu festivals, but can’t stop the celebration. Could Hiranykashyap father of Prahlad stop worshiping Ram in his heart? They can break the twines of ‘Veena’ but can’t stop its ‘Jhankar (music).

They can defaced the Indian history but can’t omit the patriotism of Lokmanya Tilak, Veer Savarkan, Sardar Bhagat Singh and others which are in the hearts of crores of Indians


How can UPA stop the celebration of Dussehra and Deepawali?

Hence during Dussehra every year and in dance dramas depicting Rama's life enacted across the globe, especially in East Asia, they never ever fail to mention the Setu Bandhan or the construction of Rama's bridge.

How can UPA stop firing of Ravan, a symbol of evils? Apart from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata also refers to the continued protection of Nala Setu following Sri Rama's command. Kalidasa's Raghuvamsham also refers to the Setu. So does the Skanda Purana (III 1.2.1-114), the Vishnu Purana (IV 4.40-49), the Agni Purana (V-XI), the Brahma Purana (138.1-40).


Dada Saheb Falke’s movie Seth-Bandhan

How can take back the Dada Saheb Falke award of this year given to Dilip Kumar?

One of the movies, which Gandhiji has made so famous by admitting as his eye-opener of childhood, was Dada Saheb's movie Raja Harischandra. Two other movies that he created became super hit of his time, were : Gangavatarn and Setu-Bandhan.


How can ‘gandhigiriwalas’ omit ‘Hey Ram’ from Rajghat?

Gandhi Samadhi at Raj Ghat, New Delhi is a big cube in black marble with an eternal flame and an inscription of Gandhi's last words: "He Ram!" - Oh God! The cube is lying in the middle of an enormous lawn. It is an aesthetically cold memorial, pompous, and in inverse proportion to Gandhi's modesty.


No one can dare to destroy Rameswaram

In every piece of land we may find the greatness of Lord Ram in Rameswaram. In fact the entire area of Rameswaram is associated with various incidents from the Ramayana. Rameshwaram happens to one of the most visited pilgrim sites in India.


Sethu: 5-km south of the temple is Sethu, where there is a celebrated temple of Sri Anjaneya, and where, tradition holds, Sri Rama built a bridge to Sri Lanka. In Devipatnam, or Navapashanam, also by the sea, there are nine stones visible at low tide. It is believed that they were set up by Sri Rama to represent the nine planets, the Navagrahas

The same type of past events’ remembrance can be found in other religious and historical places of Rameswaram:  Tirupullani, Dhanushkodi, Gandamadana Parvatham, Agnitheertham, Ramanathaswamy Temple and others.


Rameshwaram is the place from where Lord Rama, built Ram Sethu across the sea to rescue Sita, from her abductor, Ravana. This is also the place where Rama worshipped Lord Shiva to cleanse away the sin of killing Ravana. Both the Vaishnavites and Shaivites visit this pilgrimage which is known as the Varanasi the south.


Every conch in the temples, reminds us Ram Sethu

The journey of 666 km takes 15 hours. Before you reach the destination, small boys approach you at the Mandapam Station with samples of Cowrie Shells and take orders to imprint your own designs on the Shells. Before you reach Rameswaram the Shells with your designs are delivered to you. These conchs are in million and millions homes.  They remind every Indian ‘Ram Sethu’.

In the every chapter of Indian history and in every temple we find conchs which remind us Ram Sethu. HRD Minister Arjun Singh can omit his name as hearsay Antonia Maino became Sonia Manio.  How can Arjun and his ‘chelas’ of the writers of NCERT and IGNOU books can omit the Panchjanya conch of Arjun?


Symbol of Unity

Foreigners and Indians alike have described it as Rama’s Bridge since ancient times in their maps and travelogues. The first time someone called it Adam´s Bridge was in 1804 by James Rennell, the first surveyor general of the East India Company. Even if the Government of India prefers to use the name Adam´s Bridge, it simply proves that not only Hindus but Muslims and Christians too have a reverence for the bridge it is going to destroy.



By Premendra Agrawal