Mole in PMO: Congress may share ministry with Armed Maoists as Nepal?


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By Premendra Agrawal



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Mole in PMO, Air-hostesses wih a youth in Black car to breach at PM House, War room leak, LeT in Army and Air force and bloody dance of naxals still some say nation is safe in the hands of Congress-hand


Documents of PMO and Home ministry reached to Naxalites

There were meetings on April 13, 2006 in the residence of Prime Minister and on August 29 in the office of the secretary of the Home Ministry Mr Duggal. In the meetings plans were documented against the naxalites. Those Documents are found with the gun downed naxlites in the forest of the Chhattishgarh. Is not this serious matter?


Some one can say that when Moles were in the PMOs of Nehru to Narshimha Rao then why should that tradition not be followed now? After all Leftists are in the soul of UPA and Maoists are the hands of leftists. Our government is a wonderful government. Quattrocchi can’t be brought in India because extradition treaty of India with Argentina is old of pre-independence period. But for OBC quota survey of 1931 will be followed by so called seculars and messiah of backwards.


Are Afzal Guru Abu Salem Kanu next PM?

PM Manmohan said that inclusion of tainted-criminals is the compulsion in the alliance government. Congress leaders including Sonia Gandhi and Dr.Singh are going red when they described the Left parties as their “valuable allies. Congress and leftists are for each other “Ek duje ke liye”.

Law Minister Mr. Bhardwaj said that there is no definition and law for tainted (criminals) and Constitution is also silent on this matter perhaps on something the constitutional fathers had never thought will happen in free democratic India. Are there definitions in the Constitution for terrorism, secularism and any restriction for becoming PM of a foreign origin, terrorist Afzal Guru and Don Abu Salem?


One naxalites arrested in Bhopal. He was legally the owner of an arms and exploseive manufacturing factory in Bhopal by registering it in the Industy office. In record his father was Shivraj Patil. He did so because Home Minister said that terrorists and naxals are their brothers and children.  


Comrade Somnath Chatterjee wants to become President of India. He says Naxalites are not criminals. In Nandirgam few naxal are arrested by WB police but police said that they were not criminals. Then who are criminals? Is Kanchi Shankaracharya criminal? Are police officers gunning naxalites and other insurgentrs in Chhttishgarh Jharkhand Orissa criminals?


Senior Congress leader and former CM of Chhattisgarh chief minister Ajit Jogi on Nov 4, 2005 asked party leaders not to support the anti-Maoist movement as the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) leaders were involved in the agitation


Bahadur Shah Jaffar is busy in ‘shatraji chal’

Bahadur Shah Jaffar was busy in Shatraj when British army was marching towards Red Fort. Our PM is busy ‘shatranji chal’ as coached by Super PM.

Foreign coaches are needed inn cricket and in government.


Naxalites are not Islamic jehadis, but Hindu militants indoctrinated by the Maoists in the cult of violence. And both are the children and brothers of the Congress. Sonia Gandhi gave instruction to CM of Andhra for freeing the arrested top leaders of the Naxalites bedause Congress grabbed power in Andhra with the support of naxalites.


In an interview puplished in rediffmail, Ajit Doval, former chief of Intelligence Bureau asks:
'Why do you say Maoists are not terrorists?'


Recently ISI mark weapons were found after the arrest of naxalites in Ambikapur of Chhattisgarh. The Peoples' War Group has claimed responsibility. There are reports that naxalites have linked with the terrorists in Kashmir and they are providing all types of helps to them. 


The emergent political scenario is one of a million mutinies? This is foreseen by Nobel Laureate V.S. Naipaul with the Maoists being a major factor and force


Congress may share ministry with Maoists as nepal

Armed Maoist Chief Prachanna killed thousands in Nepal to keep himself in touch with Indian CPI (M) leaders and now sharing ministry in Nepal on the request of Sitaram Yenchury without surrendering weapons. On Feb 5, 2005, the Left made it clear that it is willing to express solidarity even with the armed rebels if they fight for restoration of democracy in their country. CPI (M) is the supporter of armed Maoist insurgency. Leftists want to grab power by hook and crook by arms and without arms.


Nepal's former rebels, who just last year were waging a bloody war for a Maoist state, joined an interim government of Nepal. "It`s a historic day for Nepal," Prachanda told reporters. "A new process of making a new Nepal as begun now and our responsibility has increased."


“The news of the palace massacre made me wonder how these events will impact the big questions being discussed when I was in the  areas. Two key issues on the minds of the Maoist political and military leaders were: how soon the Nepalese army would be used against them and when India would get more directly involved in the conflict. When I interviewed Comrade Prachanda, the leader of the CPN (Maoist), he told me, “Ultimately, we will have to fight with the Indian army. That is the situation. Therefore we have to take into account the Indian army. When the Indian army comes in with thousands and thousands of soldiers, it will be a very big thing. But we are not afraid of the Indian Army....." These are few words quoted from an article posted by Li Onesto and published in:



By Premendra Agrawal

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