Rambhakt in foreign land and Ramdrohi in Bharatbhumi! Why?


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By Premendra Agrawal



Tags: Ram Sethu Adam Bridge Rambhakt Ramdrohi Ram Ravan Fight Bhart Bhumi Foreign land abroad Ramlala Valmiki Temple Indonesian Aminate Ramayan ballet Papi pop traveled Sanskrit Asia Tamil DMK king Indianess Goldman Sonia Gandhi Hinduism Vatican Christian Jacob Haafner Emerson Sako;


Former secessionist, present day nationalist and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi has described all those who oppose the Sethu Samudram Shipping Canal Project as "traitors." It means destroying Ram Sethu is patriotism. This is the result of bhakti of videshi to forget deshbhakti bhakti. These are the words of renowned journalist of TN.

The Ramayana has fascinated and inspired poets, writers, sculptors, painters, musicians, dancers, puppeteers and singers all over Asia. It is believed that the Ramayana traveled from India to Southeast Asia along with Sanskrit. The first knowledge of Valmiki, the author of the first Original Ramayana, is an inscription in a temple in Vietnam by a descendant of a Tamil king in the 3rd century AD.


What is our identity without Ramayan

Opposie to the above there is a DMK king of TN and his minister Balu who want to destroy Ram Sethu without that there is no existence of Ramayana and without Ramayan we can’t be known as Indian. We may be called Romeos or Anglo-Indians as the residents of Indiana province of America. After signing Indo US treaty we may be called US-Indosho as Rajneesh called himself in the end of his life as OSHO. Now another bhagwan made his presence to call himself Gurumeet Ram Rahim Singh a misxture of various religions in his name.


Ramayan has traveled to different countries

The Ramayana has remained structurally intact but has undergone change throughout Asia due to local influences and customs. The title and names of some of the characters have also changed as it has traveled to different countries. It is called the Ramakerti in Cambodia, Ramakien in Thailand, Ramayana Kakavin by Yogiswara in Indonesia, Hobutsushu (Collection of Jewels) in Japan (by Tairano Yasuyori in the 12th c.) and the six-volume Tunhuang in North-west China (originating in 787-848 AD). Malaysia has two versions: Hikayat Seri Ram (originating in 13th -17th c.) and Hikayat Maharaja Ravana. Laos also has two versions: Phra Lak Phra Lam (Beloved Laxman and Beloved Ram, originating in early 19th c.) and Khvay Thuaraphi


Why have Ramdrohis allergies with Ram Sethu? Why they can’t digest the truth and facts? Even though, foreigners (Not Gandhis) have accepted existence of Ramayan in their books, articles and movies. Here in India in the name of secularism UPA+Left want to destroy every sign of Indian-ness. Who wants foreign brand mixture with salt and chilies?


Foreign born Sonia vs foreign born Goldman

As the Sanskrit programme at the University of California, Berkeley enters its 101st year, Sanskrit and Indian studies Professor Robert Goldman and his wife Sally Sutherland Goldman, a lecturer in Sanskrit at the school, will have a lot to celebrate. And while many fabled universities in Europe have curtailed their Sanskrit programme, the language is celebrated at Berkeley year after year with enthusiasm.


Goldman (Not sona or Sonia) says:

“You cannot really understand the ancient world, at least much of it, without understanding Sanskrit literature."

"The Ramayana means an extraordinarily great deal to many millions of people," he says. "In an age of ever-increasing globalisation, and at a time when large numbers of people from South and Southeast Asia have become an integral part of America, most of us know so little about a work that has so dramatically shaped the culture and society of a region ranging from Afghanistan to Bali in Indonesia."


Professor Goldman says the Ramayana project is the first to translate the critically edited text that scholars at the Oriental Institute at the University of Baroda, prepared from 1960 to 1975.


"But it is much more than a line-for-line translation," he adds.

"There is also a thorough critical analysis of the epic. Several of the centuries-old commentaries that we have studied have never before been published, and we offer this discussion to readers with annotations."


"We have also signed a deal with a publisher in New Delhi to produce a rather inexpensive version in India in a few months," he adds.


For learning Sonskrit we depend on American Prof Goldman and more than 100 years old Congress want to give the rule of foreign born Sonia (Antonia Maino). Indian ‘maina’ has sweet toungue. Foreing born Maino have ugly language for Hindu organizations.


Ramayanee temples abroad vs Ramlala temple of Ayodhya

Following are some of the temples located in Southeast Asia which are dedicated to the Ramayana or have sculptures or other works of art related to the tale. In Indonesia, there is the 9th - 10th century Lara Jongrang in the Prambanan Temple complex with relief sculptures depicting the arrival of the monkeys in Lanka. Were those monkeys entered Sri lanka from India without making a bridge Adam’s bridge Ram Sethu?


Don’t talk for the glorious construction of Ram Lala temple of Aydhya, if you want to be in the sheep race of fake secularism. You can talk for Mecca, Jerusalem and Vatican City. If you want to talk for Hinduism then go abroad, leave India. It is a country of self defined secularists, a mixture of Deshi tharra with English Rench Russian and other brand wine. If you are not drinker then you may call it (Liquid Iodine) Iodine kaa ghoal. What is a specific mixture in Coca cola which make it different from other cold drinks? Only owners of Cola know the mixture and that is their business secret for capturing the whole market. Like that Non-Hindu so called secular parties have a self defined formula of secularism. That formulas is only up to them for changing timely. That is the secrecy of them.


The Panataran Temple in East Java has a bas-relief of the Ram Ravan fight. There are the well known Borobudur and Mandup Temples as well. Thailand has Lobpuri which depicts the Nagapasha of Ram and Lakshaman and the temple of Emarald Buddha has artwork related to the Ramayana as does Cambodia’s Angkor Vat (Vaphuwan), built in 1112- 1152 AD by Suryavarnam. The 11th c. Pagan Temple in Myanmar has images of Ram and Parsuram. Two temples in Laos display Ramayana scenes. There are paintings (probably from the last 150 years) on the walls of Vat Pa Ke and the Vat Oub Mnong Temple has 29 murals related to the Ramayana. Vietnam has the Valmiki Temple. Performances vary regionally, again affected by local influences.


Hinduism of 2% Indonesian Hindus is safe but in India……………

Because it is considered to be one of the most important pieces of literature in Thailand, the Ramayana is considered to be part of the curriculum. Hindus only make up 2% of Indonesian society, but most Indonesians are taught the Ramayana and its values of goodness and kindness at an early age.


Congress of Sonia is sympathizer of Hindus. They are trying to make Hindus in the minority of India. After that Hindus will be able to keep Hinduism safe. This is secularism in India.


In India Hindus are 80%, so here Ramayan, Mahabharat, Ved can’t be a part of curriculum. Gujarat riots and lesson of MF Hussain in NCERT IGNOU books, Lalu (Chalisa) lesson in Bihar school books may be. In HRD sponsored books Lokmanya Tilak, Veer Savarkar and Bhagat Singh may be called terrorists. This is the biggest qualification of sick-ular Arjun Singh to stand up for the presidentship. Though, he can’t stand properly on his foot due to his ‘satkarm’ noble deeds.  


She is devoted for Christianity. Her blessing is for converters Benney hinn, Glady Staines and other Christian Missionaries. Her patriotism is for Italy where she still owned a house. If we oppose present route of Sethusamudram project then Karunanihis calls us traitors. What should we call to the Karunanidhe and Sonia Gandhi who want to destroy Ram Sethu?


Ramayana Ballet vs Sinners’ papi-pop of Rekha Shilpa Mallika

There are several cultural and artistic traditions related to the Ramayana. The Kecak Dance reenacts episodes from the epic. The dance drama is a creation, in the 1920s, of the famous German artist Walter Spies in close cooperation with Bali priests. The Ramayana Ballet is performed everyday during the dry months, May to October, at the Prambanan and other temples throughout the country. One of the most important forms of Indonesian indigenous theater is puppetry and much of it features stories from the Ramayana. The most celebrated is the “wayang kulit” or shadow play of Java. There dances are for attracting the tourist also.


Here in India bar dancers have become unemployed, So Rahul Gandhi have made women empowerment poject. It will come or not come out of stomach, Gandhi knows. Indian cultural dances and mucsic have taken the shape of pop. For attracting tourists and for introducing India abroad, there are bollywood Rekha, Shilpa, Mallika and in Gents Bib B and Shahrukhare the main. CH I C A G O SO U T H AS I A NE W S L E T T E R


Ramayanee: JACOB HAAFNER, Ralph Waldo Emerson and japnee Sako


JACOB HAAFNER (1754-1809)

His rendering of part of the Ramayana, Proeve van Indiase Dichtkunde volgens den Ramaijon (1823) [Sample of Indian Poetry on the Basis of the Ramayana] is proof of his devotion to Ramayan. Despite the relative sterility, Haafner's knowledge of India and Indian literature received a degree of recognition in 1797 when a specimen of his rendering of the Ramayana was recited during a meeting of the leading Literary Society of Amsterdam. After his sudden death in 1823 his son published his father's rendering of part of the Ramayana.


Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today Emerson is honored as one of America's most influential and original thinkers. Yet few realize how extensively his work was suffused with Oriental philosophy--especially Hinduism. Long before Swami Vivekananda's famed sojourn to North America, Emerson was subtly weaving Hindu thought into the fabric of his scholarly writing as if it were his own. In the minds of the Western intelligentsia, he ploughed fertile fields of inspiration fifty years before Indian swamis traveled west to seed them.


Japanee Sako’s Animated Ramayana

Although Sako is not a Hindu, he is attracted to many of Hinduism's beliefs. He explains, "I trained to be a priest and am a Zen Buddhist formally. But after all these years, Hinduism is very familiar to me. However, to be Hindu, you have to be born in a Hindu family, so I don't know whether Hindus would accept me as Hindu or not. So I am Buddhist, but in my mind I feel I am Hindu."


Sako said: "In general, Indian mythology is like a treasure box for movie makers.”

Although the film has been well received at film festivals and has been briefly exhibited in several countries, the insistence of the filmmakers to maintain the storyline has prevented it from gaining wide release.


Although Sako is not a Hindu, he is attracted to many of Hinduism's beliefs. He explains, "I trained to be a priest and am a Zen Buddhist formally. But after all these years, Hinduism is very familiar to me. However, to be Hindu, you have to be born in a Hindu family, so I don't know whether Hindus would accept me as Hindu or not. So I am Buddhist, but in my mind I feel I am Hindu."

Next on the agenda for Sako is the story of Lord Krishna, the Celestial Cowherd.


Opposite to this see Pt Nehru who said that he was born as Hindu accidentally. Instead of any religious head, only photo of Christ was affixed in the wall of the office of the Rajiv Gandhi. I have written about present Gandhis in my previous articles. Tragedy is that not only foreign borns and Non-Hindus but also so called Hindus hided in the shields of secularism are Bhasmasurs to destroy the Hinduism. Could Bhasmasur become immortal?



By Premendra Agrawal












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