Import of Vatican City-ism in India


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By Premendra Agrawal



Tags: Coin of Rs Two Jerusalem Cross Vatican City-ism Non-Hereditary Elected  Monarchy Gandhis Catholic Christian Congress Swiss connection Political system Christian lobby Nagaland for Christ Quattrocchi Jethmalani DMK Karunanidhi;


Coin of Rs two with Cross and Issuing of its own coins by Vatican City; Steps to import Vatican City-ism; Non-hereditary monarchy of Vatican City Vs Hereditary Monarchy of Gandhis; Is (Christian) Congress will follow Political System of Vatican City? Swiss Connection; Christian lobby; Nagaland for Christ; Gandhis’ friends Quattrocchi, Ram Jethmalani and Karunanidhi.


Is Cross in Coin of Rupee two to invite Christian War from Jerusalem to India? Today, Jerusalem remains central to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Is there any conspiracy to extend that conflict here in India by including Jerusalem Cross in the new two-rupee coin, circulated by the Reserve Bank of India on the signal of Italian origin Catholic Christian Sonia Gandhi. Is this not a conspiracy of Indian Pope Lobby?


Coin of Rs two with Cross and Issuing of its own coins by Vatican City

It has used the euro as its currency since January 1, 1999, owing to a special agreement with the EU (council decision 1999/98/CE). Euro coins and notes were introduced in January 1, 2002--the Vatican does not issue euro banknotes. Issuance of euro-denominated coins are strictly limited by treaty, though somewhat more than usual is allowed in a year in which there is a change in the papacy. Because of their rarity, Vatican euro coins are highly sought by collectors. Until the adoption of the Euro, Vatican coinage and stamps were denominated in their own Vatican lira currency, which was on par with the Italian lira.


Steps to import Vatican City-ism

Is this reason to fill up the blank of Christianity past holds in Jerusalem, now here in India slowly and slowly converting Hindus and Muslims in Christianity in India? Three days morn in the death of Pope, Bharatratn to Teresa, Padmshree to Glady Staines, Benny Hinn healing touch program in Bangalore with the governmental help of then Congress CM Adharm of Karnataka in the direction of Christian Sonia Gandhi besides other Anti-Hindu Muslim were acts to initiate for inviting the Vatican City-ism.


Rahul Gandhi should publicly declare that he is Christian or not. Gandhis and UPA Government should clarify to the public that omitting of national symbol and marking of Jerusalem Crusade Cross in the Coin of Rupee two is secularism of Pope of India or not. 


Non-hereditary monarchy of Vatican City Vs Hereditary Monarchy of Gandhis

Vatican City is a non-hereditary, elected monarchy that is ruled by the Bishop of Rome — the Pope. The highest state functionaries are all clergymen of the Catholic Church.

Is India a hereditary, elected (As Dictators Hitler and Mussolini elected) monarchy is ruled by Christina President of (Christian) Congress led UPA Government with the help of Leftists? During election campaign they never said what they did for the country (‘0’ or some thing).


Is (Christian) Congress will follow Political System of Vatican City?

The government of Vatican City has a unique structure. The Pope is the sovereign of the state. Legislative authority is vested in a commission of cardinals appointed by the Pope for five-year periods. Executive power is in the hands of the President of that commission, assisted by the General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary. The state's foreign relations are entrusted to the Secretariat of State. The Governor of Vatican City, sometimes is also known as the President of the Pontifical. At approximately 44 hectares (108.7 acres), it is the smallest independent nation in the world.


Sonia is Super PM without accountability, though executing responsibility is the cabinet of Manmohan. Vatican City can be said to be the governmental capital of the Catholic Church. 10 janpath can be said the government capital of the (Christian) Congress.



Swiss Connection

The Vatican City maintains two modern security corps, the Swiss Guards, a voluntary military force drawn from male Swiss citizens, and the Corpo della Vigilanza dello Stato della Cittŕ del Vaticano. Gandhis connection with Swiss banks is wellknown. Deposits in the banks there is for security purposes. In India how that would be secured?


Christian lobby

Christian lobby in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi includes Rahul includes Oscar Fernadis, Alwa, Antony, YSR Rajeshwar Rao CM of Andhra, Ajit Jogi and so many others. Is there any guide line for that of Election Commissioner Navin Chawla, autobiographer of Terresa and Christian Missionaries?


Two days back Amit Jogi, son of former chief minister and Sonia’s loyalist Ajit Jogi was sent to jail on May 2, 2007. His bail is cancelled by the Supreme Court on April 30. YSR Rajeshwar Rao’s police also involved in the fake encounter of Sohrabuddin who wanted to be a don of Malwa but he was a saint for fake secularists as Ishrat terrorist girl was a martyr for them.

Sonia Gandhi and (Christian) Congress led UPA government play double role through the new coin of Rupee Two. In one side of it is Christian cross and another side is our national symbol.


Nagaland for Christ

If women like Sonia Antonia Maino, Renuka Chaudhary, Ambika Soni, Alwa, Girija, alike come in politics then definitely India will not remain India, instead it would become Italy or England. booklet of the Congress Party in Nagaland NPCC entitled “Election 2004: Achievements versus promises” released by Jamir who is now Governor of Goa, “BJP’s proposed ban on conversion totally contradicts the Nagas’ slogan of Nagaland for Christ”.

* Its principles include socialism for economic development and a religious state – ‘Nagaland for Christ’. 'National Socialist Council of Nagaland: Http://


The most Baptist state in the world—Nagaland—is vying to become a powerhouse for cross-cultural missions.

* There is clear evidence which confirms that some international Christian organizations are backing terrorism and separatist movements in the north-east. These church backed organisations are providing funds, arms and ammunitions with the aim of creating a separate Christian state.

* The Church, in the form of foreign missionaries, has been working in the tribal regions in India for almost two centuries. In the garb of charity, the foreign missionaries have been engaged in extensive religious conversion and anti-national activities promoting terrorist separatist movements.

Nagas want solution, not election:

* A remote land of jungle, Jesus - and religious war


Gandhis’ friends Quattrocchi, Ram Jethmalani and Karunanidhi

What did they except Bofors to Oil for Food scam? Quattrocchi accused in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi besides Bofors. What is his relation with Sonia Gandhi every one knows?


Ram Jethamalani defended Kehar Singh in the Indira Gandhi assassination case, he portrayed himself as a brave lawyer upholding the basic principles of the criminal justice system (such as the right of every accused to a good defence). More recently, when he got Professor Geelani off in the Parliament attack case, he was once again — in his telling — the courageous legal genius who defied public opinion to save an innocent man from the gallows. In the pleading of Manu Sharma of Congress he said “ Manu will walk free soon,” Now the same Ram Jethamalani is most favorite of Sonia Gandhi.


At the time of NDA rule Sonia Congress had insisted that the Central Government prosecute Karunanidhi on the basis of, not the interim, but the final Jain Commission report.
It was not that Sonia had in a cool state of mind re-read the Jain Commission report and came to the conclusion that her original view that Karunanidhi should be investigated and prosecuted was wrong and, on that basis, she exonerated him.



By Premendra Agrawal


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